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  • On 11/19/19, I got in my deer stand a little later than I wanted. I was still thankful just to be in the woods and listen to everything start to wake up. I had my eye on a pretty nice 8pt that I had on camera. With some recent health scares, I needed something uplifting so I prayed that God would send me a buck. Boy did he deliver, he gave me two!! The smaller 8 pt walked out, and since they were in rut I figured I better kill it while it stood still long enough! I got a good shot, and heard him crash down the hill. I text my husband and told him I would need help dragging him out because of where he died. I knew to stay in my stand because of the rut, those boys only have one thing on their mind! Sure enough, about 10 mins after the 1st kill, I heard squirrels start squawking again. I focused on where the squirrel was and saw the nice 8pt that I had been after for two days. He walked from behind a tree, and with one shot, he was down too!! After field dressing, I got them both to the top of the hill and took a few pictures. I’m thankful for the opportunity hunt, to be able to put food on the table, and to enjoy the beautiful outdoors!! I would love to win this contest as I need a bow! I shot these two guys with a 22 Hornet! Thanks for the opportunity to share my wonderful day that I received double blessings!! 🦌🦌

    November 19, 2019 at 3:18pm
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