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  • I am from Weaverville, NC which is in buncombe county. Same county as this buck came from. I hit the woods on the afternoon of Nov. 15 2019 to put fresh batteries in my camera and check the pictures, it has been 5 days since this bruiser I call “the joker” (due to his white face) has shown up on camera. Unfortunately, he still had not been back, I headed to the stand anyway in hopes that he would show up. Sure enough about 30 minutes later I see him coming down the bank to my left. The only shot I had before he got out of my shooting lane was quartering to me, I sent the rage out of the Barnett crossbow right through him. We backed out and gave him time, then trailed him close to 1200 yards, asking permission from 3 different land owners to cross their land. Blood trail ending in a gentleman’s back yard. We decided it was time to call in a deer tracking dog. The closest I could find was from travelers rest, SC but he didnt mind one bit and made the trip to help recover this buck. We found him not long after in a ditch line still fighting to stay alive. It took another crossbow shot to expire him, come to find out the first shot only got one lung and the tough old bruiser just would not go down. Thank you to all who helped with this recovery, this is my only non typical buck and I could not be more excited.

    November 17, 2019 at 9:40am
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