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  • It all started when I check my camera on September 23, 2019. I was looking at my pictures like I always do and then out of nowhere this big boy shows up. I had about 6 pictures of him from all sides. I was in disbelief. I hunted this area hard and would go days and days without even seeing a doe. I would check my camera hoping to at least seeing another picture of him for reassurance that he was still around but he never came back. And then on 11-3-19, everything changed. At about 3:15pm, I took the 20 minute walk to my climber and waited looking over a bottom in a cutover. I was about 200 yards from the camera I had the buck on over a month earlier. I sprayed a little bit of the buck bomb out, not knowing if the bucks were actually rutting or not. About 5 pm, I kept hearing something to my left in the woods but could not see anything. It sounded to heavy to be a squirrel and I hit the grunt call a few times and waited 5 to 10 minutes and nothing. I grabbed my estrus deer bleat can. This can has never worked for me in the past. I tried it anyways. Before I could even put it back in my bag, i heard the noise again. I looked up and there he was. Standing 50 yards away right on the other side of a big bush. He walked in at 20 yards and I shot. The deer ran maybe 30 yards and fell kicking, trying to get back up. I shot again and it was over. I sat there in aw. I couldn?t believe it. I immediately called my wife and told her i shot him. I shot ?The Buck?. It was an amazing hunt and year. I got married this year, a baby on the way and topped it off with my biggest deer to date. The deer has an inside spread of 22 inches. He was dubbed diablo due to uniqueness of the downward curve on his main beams. He was shot on private land in Harnett county NC. The name is Josh Kelly of Broadway, N.C.

    November 03, 2019 at 7:42pm

    I tagged out with my best season ever. I shot my personal best on October 5th and then on November 3rd i shot my new personal best that was dubbed Diablo. Both bucks were shot in Harnett county on private land.

    November 03, 2019 at 7:38pm
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