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  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words, that is true. What photos do not tell is the story behind the image. This was not Cutler's first deer, by far his biggest. The conversations we had on stand the afternoon of this hunt about my childhood hunting stories and if the deer were going to move that afternoon will always be priceless. What this simple photo does not show is how Cutler had a 10 minute plus stare down without moving and being patient with this guy. The buck caught the glare of Cutler's eyeglasses and would not move. I am sitting beside him so I could not move either, all I could do was whisper to him to stay still and don't make any loud movements as he was only 50-60 yards from us. I whispered to him, Cutler if you get a clear shot, take it. Cutler's harness lanyard had him restricted as to how much he could move and the angle he had to contend with. He stayed patient, and finally he said the deer had looked down, I couldn't see the deer all that well from my vantage point. I will always remember Cutler whispering, 'Dad, I got him.' When he sent that round down range and the 165 lb. deer folded like an accordion, the tears of joy and high fives just kept coming.

    October 21, 2019 at 2:30pm
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