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  • On October 11, 2019 in Alamance county I went in to a stand I hung about a month ago on edge of a cut over with oak trees down the edge of it. I hadn't had any big shooters on camera since I hung the stand other then a deer I call one eye. I talked to my friend Collin Swain about going in there the night before about trying to get him on one eye because my shooter I was hunting hadn’t done much daylight moving during the week. He said that he wasn’t sure about going in there because of how the stand was set up but he wanted to kill that deer as bad as I wanted him to so we went. Around 7:50am that next morning we was sitting in the tree hadn’t seen any movement all morning and he looked at me a said big velvet buck is coming right under the stand I didn’t believe him I slowly turned around a noticed this was a deer of lifetime and I wasn’t going to let him walk so I took him down at about 15 yards. He didn’t t run but maybe 60 yards and we heard him crash we gave him about 30 mins because I knew the shot was back. We got down around 8:15 and in know time we found him. Got to looking at trail cam pictures from last season at a deer that had velvet all last season was a main frame typical 9 pointer and this year he was a main frame 7 but a whole lot cooler

    October 11, 2019 at 8:25pm
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