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  • I killed this buck on Sept. 19 on what would be my first day in the woods this year. It all started with an afternoon trip to a property that I have not hunted in years, another story. Got my gear together and started walking in. They were bush hogging the paths at the property that afternoon so I was not expecting to much, but figured I may see something once they finished up and things quieted down. Skip forward to shorten story, after seeing 9 does I hear leaves kicking around coming in my direction from my 5 o'clock. My thoughts were It was the does that had passed by about an hour prior circling around. I casually kept peering over my right shoulder everytime it would move to see if I caught movement as it was getting closer. Just a minute or two before 7pm the movement was close enough, and heading in my direction that it had my full attention, then he appeared. He stepped out from behind some heavy brush and a tree at about 25 yards and I got my first look at him and immediately heart started pounding. I realized that this deer was much larger than anything I have ever shot before. He took a few more steps and stopped looking back from where he came and I took that chance to stand. As I did the seat on my stand popped which alerted him, I froze and my heart sunk. I knew this buck was about to bolt. Luckily after what seemed like an eternity he settled down and began smelling a sapling and started rubbing his horns which had his full attention. This gave me the time to stand turn and draw. I settled my 20 yard pin behind his shoulder and released my 75 gr Muzzy and watched as it hit him perfectly. He kicked and ran off as I watched him disappear into the brush. He didn't run far and I heard him stop. I collapsed into my seat knowing I had just arrowed my biggest deer by far. I sat there gaining my composure for about 10 minutes then climbed down to at minimum check my arrow. Found my arrow and it showed good blood as I expected and started looking for other blood. It was getting dark and my two flashlights I had with me were not getting the job done so called for help and gathered most of stuff and headed for the truck. Roughly 20 minutes later my Father-in-law showed up with good lights and back in the woods we went. Found the tree he was rubbing and started looking and found no blood anywhere. The more we walked around the worse I felt thinking some how I had messed up and this deer was gone. Father-in-law suggested we head back to where I shot him and start again so I start heading back to the tree as I hear him announce, 'there he is right there.' I turn to see him laying on his belly not even 30 yards from where I shot him. We must have walked right by him at least 3 or 4 times without even seeing him. I finally got my hands on him and relief set in. Then started the hard part of getting him to the truck.

    September 23 at 6:58am

    Great deer little lady, Congratulations.

    September 23 at 7:29am
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