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  • Saturday October 19, 2019 My husband and I had an amazing morning hunt in Guilford County NC. at 7:35am a small 6pt buck came in to the corn pile at 35 yards. From the time he came out of the woods he was on pins and needles. I let him get as settled as possible, drew my bow, anchored in and unfortunately he ducked my arrow. 1.5 hrs went by and 3 does and a button buck came in to 16 yards. I anchored in but when my arrow released it hit a limb and I missed the doe. Moving on to Saturday afternoon My husband and I went back to the same spot. We got a late start at 5:00 pm. About 6:20 pm we spot 2 deer just inside the woods, heading toward the corn pile. After about 10 minutes of them eating away I anchored in on this nice doe. She was quartered away and stood at 36 yards. All I heard was that Rage Broad head Swack and blood starting spewing. It was a blood trail from start to finish like we had never seen before. Arrow and broad head unharmed and ready for another use.I call this doe Redemption. She only ran about 50 yards and crashed hard. Smoked shot quartered away at 36 yards. I tell you what this day of hunting was definitely one for the books and I will never forget. So thankful for my husband for being by my side the whole process, Boneyard Archery for my Awesome Obsession setup, Rage Broad heads. I look forward to the rest of Archery Season.

    October 21, 2019 at 7:19am

    My name is Katie Clarida and I have been bow Hunting for 10 years and I finally had my First Archery Kill September 22, 2019. I doubled down! Both only ran about 80 yards and crashed 10 yards apart from each other! We got both shots on film. Shoutout to Bradley Kendrick for letting us hunt his spot! Jonathan Brown for my obsession setup! Chase Coble for watching our girls. #FillingTheFreezer #Obsession #ArcheryMom #ArcheryWife #FirstBowKill #DoubleDown #RockinghamCounty

    September 23, 2019 at 8:35am

    Hi my name is Daniel Clarida I harvested this buck on September 15, 2019. We nicknamed him Chiquita in 2016 when I got the first pictures of him because of the shape of his tines and also because in one of the Drury Outdoors video videos Mark Drury had one that he named the same. We ended up getting one opportunity at him expecting him to be 4 1/2 years old around late November 2016 when one of my buddies Brock Howell had him step in front of him on that cold perfect morning. He did not make a great shot so we backed out after we found that he had made a scrape at the end of the blood trail. With the last blood being in the scrape itself seems like it just made him mad so we backed out and started running twice as many cameras to no avail. Here we are 2019 and he shows back up bigger, healthier and with the same shape tines. It took me a while to realize that it was him but once I noticed, I knew it was for sure! Chiquita was the number one hit lister for 2019. Opening day came September 7 and I had a great wind so I went in to try and see if I could harvest this monarch and my biggest buck to date. After sitting there until 7:00 pm and not seeing anything I decided to stand up for the rest of the evening as I am standing up a glance behind me to see a shooter buck come in where I did not expect throwing his nose in the air and licking it at the same time. I knew it was over at that point he blew and got out of there quick and not sure if it was him or not, I stayed until dark and quietly got out. So one week later I had another good wind and I figured I’d have to try it. I decided to switch a few things up. I went from using a thermocell and fresh earth cover scent to not using a thermocell and to unscented cover scent just to see if it would make a difference. When I went in on the evening of September 15, 2019 I did not expect things to happen the way they did. As I was sitting there that evening around 7:00pm, I had texted my good buddy Tim White and jokingly said that I was about to do a little grunting sequence Lol. He replied with absolutely, so I said to him you really think I should? He said for sure it can’t hurt. I pulled out my grunt call by Struttin Carolina and Swamp Stud Nation Custom Games Calls and gave it a few young buck grunts. Not even 30 seconds later I hear footsteps to my right coming through the thicket, so I put the grunt call down and quickly stood up not knowing what was headed my way. As I stand there for the next five minutes I hear nothing so I figured I’d grab the Purple Heart over Lacewood Custom Grunt Call that my good buddy Josh Pruitt had just made me a few weeks ago. Once again I let out a Grunt and automatically hear footsteps again. I sat the grunt call down and shifted my feet to the right. As soon as I got my feet steady I could see his legs at 30 yards I looked up and in the pine tree through a few limbs all I could see was the right side G2 with the kicker. That is when I knew it was him. He came straight in, faced me for what seemed like an eternity. There was another deer with him that had come out more into my opening but all my concentration was on Chiquita. As he went to turn broadside but stopped quartering to me, I shifted my eyes to the left to check the other deer in the opening. As I did, I noticed that deer was on high alert looking back the way it came. As my attention went back to Chiquita he was now on alert also I knew I had to take the shot. I come to full draw with my Obsession Def Con M6 fine-tuned by Jonathan Brown at Boneyard Archery in Madison North Carolina, I settled the 30 yard pin in front of his shoulder knowing that the exit would put me coming out behind the offside shoulder. It was definitely a risky shot but one that I know I could make and as long as this Rage NC did its job we would be fine. As the pin settled and I took a deep breath I released the Vap Elite 300 and automatically I knew that I had hit him. You could hear it smack. As I tried to catch my composure I grab my binoculars and looked into the opening I don’t know what. I was just pumped up and looking, but as I did I noticed I could see my arrow laying there and I thought to myself that’s the fastest I’ve ever seen an arrow go through a deer in my life. At that point I almost got sick as the thought crossed my mind that I may have hit him low I released Arrow around 7:26pm that evening. As I sat there trying to catch my composure and wait on it to get dark, taking it all in the good and the bad. The flow of emotions were unreal. I got down around 8:30pm and figured it was best to go ahead and get the arrow I did not want to use a flashlight so I eased over and grab the arrow in the dark stuck it in my quiver and headed to the truck. When I got back to the truck I think I called everyone I knew to let them know what had happened. We all met back up at my house to put a game plan together on what we were going to do, and what was the best decision to make. Whether to go get him immediately or wait a couple hours. A couple good buddies had reminded me that if we wait any more than about four hours the meat would be no good and that’s why I do it. It reminded me that the horns are just extra. So I decided to just that wait four hours and go get him. When 11:30pm got here I was feeling really sick to my stomach. As we headed to my small farm in Rockingham county North Carolina me and my brother Marc Clarida Eased into the opening where I had made the shot there was no blood immediately as we walked down the main trail we could not find anything I looked at Marc and said this is not good. So we walked back to where I found the arrow to take another look and we had took the wrong trail. The trail he actually took he started bleeding immediately. It was a weight off my shoulders as we ease up the trail there is blood everywhere, more than most people would even want to see. That rage really did its job 100%. As we get about 70 yards from where I had made the shot I come around the corner and there he was. The biggest buck of my life Chiquita. As we sat there and reminisced on one of the biggest bucks I’ve put my hands on we just sat there and took it in for a second. After that we knew the work would begin but with the help of my good buddy Jordan Smith, Tim White, Brad Kendrick and my brother Marc we made it work! We got him back to the house and Green scored him at 150 7/8. He is by far my biggest bow kill and also my first P&Y I really don’t think it has sunk in yet but it is definitely bittersweet that the quest for Chiquita is over!!!!!!

    September 17, 2019 at 4:09pm
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