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  • Coyote numbers are at their highest right now as young coyotes are brought to feeding areas to learn to hunt. Vocals are beginning to work really well as the naive coyotes answer howls often and give away the feeding locations. This is the beginning of the time of year to really stack the numbers of coyotes as many have neve been called to and will come easily to the call. Lonely or pup howls get responses and allow you to move in and switch to a prey sound. I also prefer to throw in a pup fight with a prey call to tell the story of a pup fight over a meal. Check out this recent video of a young coyote hunting bugs in a pasture.

    August 14 at 6:09pm

    Coyote numbers are at their highest right now as the pups are beginning to hunt. Naive coyotes are easiest to call as this may be the first time they have heard calls from a hunter. Best calls right now for the Mailman are pup chatter or any pup fighting sounds mixed with prey distress. Mouse or rat is always a good choice and rabbit is a go to call. Mixing between the two has produced best results in the last 7 days,

    August 05 at 4:44pm

    The hot summer presses on and vegetation growth in the field is at it's peak. The hogs in the Upstate are waiting near bodies of water a little longer until the night cools down to hit the fields. Ditches with water are key bedding areas.Bait spots closer to cooler areas with water are more productive. Browsing is the preferred target now for hogs as they jump on any cut field for fresh vegetation. If you find a spot where the hogs are rooting, stay on that spot as the summer heat hardens the ground in the Upstate and these key areas are few and far between. These spots can pay off night after night as the hogs prefer these areas to root because it is all that may be available. Cut wheat fields are also providing action night after night. I simply change up my hunting times as the hogs will be pushed to using these sights at different times. I rotate my properties and times to stay on top op hogs weekly.

    July 21 at 12:20pm
    A comment titled: Re: Big pig in response to a report titled: Big pig

    Outstanding, congrats

    July 22 at 7:34pm
    A comment titled: Re: Hog Hunting Tips in response to a report titled: Hog Hunting Tips

    Gamelands are tough because hunters cannot bait or hunt at night on these properties. Targeting neighboring properties is the key.

    July 21 at 12:03pm
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