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  • It’s a bitter sweet end to a long journey. The deer I harvested yesterday is the same deer as our profile picture. The profile pic was from 2016. We have watched this deer for years and had him at 30 yards in a shooting lane in 2015 but knew he wasn’t at his potential. Last year, 2017 I didn’t hunt this deer at all since I had my mind set on another deer that the neighbor was able to harvest mid December, that deer was Lucky 13. So back to this year, 2018, after getting trail cam pics of The Wide 8, I spoke with another neighbor and sent him the pics, we were certain without a doubt it was the same deer we’ve watched grow. We swapped pics of The Wide 8 that we had from the prior years and I knew I had my target buck. With the weather getting bad and just coming off a rain shower I knew The Wide 8 would make his way off the bed and go feed. I patiently waited and he finally showed. I made a 19 yard shot and connected hitting his lungs. After tracking his blood trail for nearly 100 yards I came to a ten foot drop off to the big creek and there he was hung up in some brush in the water. This deer we were estimating at six or seven years old. Last year and the year before pics are also on here, he was in his prime this year and last tine length but made it up with mass. Scored out at 141.25. I want to thank Jason Carter with @southernrelease for taking the time to help me set up my bow last minute to have me ready for opening week, and my guys here at Country Draw Outdoors for the support and help with the recovery of this deer. PS excuse the shorts, I had to go swimming to recover the deer, and the shed behind me I found while tracking this deer. Please give us a follow and like our page @countrydrawoutdoors On Facebook

    September 15, 2018 at 8:33am
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