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  • Upon starting our traditional Thanksgiving Holiday hunt, we were in route to the local convenience store to stock up for our long day when a big buck crossed in front of us near our home. We instantly made the decision that this is where the dogs needed to be dropped!!! The dogs immediately jumped deer which split into two separate chases involving two does in one chase and the big boy in the other. The buck made a lot of loops and turns trying to throw the dogs off of his trail, but the dogs were too hot on his trail. Darrian and I finally repositioned ourselves near a plated pine cutover where I knew was a really hot buck crossing. I was standing about 50 yds. from her trying to cover another crossing. She said the buck stopped through the woods checking for hunters when she first saw him. The buck made eye contact with her, so she froze. When he started to move again she slowly raised the gun, the way I have taught her to hunt all along. She made her first shot as the deer cleared the tree between them and then another as he tried to bolt away. She thought she made a good shot, but we waited to see what the dogs would do. To our amazement the dogs kept running through the block. Dogs ran for nearly two hours in which no one ever saw the big buck again. I then made the decision to go back to see if there was any blood where she had shot him. We found very little blood, but we did notice he had went a different route that the dogs had taken. My brother in-law and father in-law were hunting near where we had looked for blood, so they decided to walk up bottom from where they had hunted that morning. I was starting to lose hope after 45 minutes of looking when I heard the two of them call out on the radio that they had found him. 'It?s a big twelve' they said!!! I called my daughter which was behind about 100 yds. through the woods with the blood to tell her the news. She was super excited, as well as, all of us!! It was the greatest hunting moment to date for myself and I have had a lot of moments in the woods. I am the proudest father ever!!! (On a side note, my brother in-law found a big rack that someone else had killed years prior in the same bottom). A special thanks to my brother in-law Dwayne and my father in-law Frank for taking the initiative to find the deer......and of course the great group of people in our hunting club!!! The inside spread was 17 1/2 inches and main beams are 4 1/4 inches around. Hopefully to score it between 140 and 150 inches.

    December 04, 2017 at 7:41am
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