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  • Being a college student, the only time i have to hunt is during thanksgiving and christmas break. i have had him on trail all of november and have no idea where he came from on our 100 acre halifax county farm. hes moved from one portion of the farm to the other end in just a week. I knew i had to stratigize. i hunted to where he moved to all week but he never showed up. i figured someone else killed him. on saturday at 5:10 he made a fatal mistake! at 250 yards he gave me a head on shot and i busted him right in his chest with my .270 remington shooting 150 grain core lok bullet. he ddnt even take 10 steps. halifax county battles northhampton county every year with annual deer harvest and this is why, the quality and quantity of bucks we have to offer. his g2s were 11.5 inches long, his brow tine was 6 inches long. he was 16,5 inches wide. for the past 4 years i have only killed 2 bucks, an 8pt 18 inches wide and this one. ive been letting smaller bucks walk and the results has been amazing! I am studying animal science and i will be attending Veterinary School in the fall after graduation.

    November 27, 2017 at 7:18pm

    This buck has been on trail camera the whole month of november. As a college student I dont have much time to hunt besides thanksgivng and christmas break. When I got home and seen his first picture i was like NO WAY! he looks like a buck out of state. i dont know where he came from.I hunted him hard all week long but no results. I seen that he went from one spot on our 100 acre halifax county farm to the other end of the farm in a weeks time, so i stratigized and moved right with him. Saturday around 5:10 he came out in the field at 250 yards and i put my .270 remington right on him. he stood head up and i put the crosshairs right on his chest and squeezed the trigger. he didnt even take 10 steps. The biggest buck of my life. for the past 4 years ive only killed 2 bucks. and 8 point 18 inches wide and this one. i let all the small bucks walk to give em a chance and i can tell you the results of this is amazing! his g2s were 11.5 inches tall. hes a main frame 7 but has 3 kickers on his g2s.

    November 27, 2017 at 7:10pm
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