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  • On thanksgiving morning my grandfather killed a dream buck of his lifetime. He's hunted 40+ years and never had opportunity to kill something like this. We weren't hunting on a farm we have in Wayne county and I was watching some does and I heard my grandpa yell. He said 'aye'. Seconds later I heard a shot and could tell he missed. Then another one rang off and and I could hear the slap so I know he got him that time. I immediately called him and asked what he got. He responded ' well idk Jeremy, he looked nice but isn't forsure what he is.' So I said well I'm headed over to check it out and he was trying to get up and my grandfather was shooting at him making sure he didn't get away. Once I got there I went down and finished the deer off and i was standing over the deer stunned of the size. Once my pa got to where I was he was shocked and the excitement flowed from there.

    November 30, 2017 at 3:41pm
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