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  • Hello my name is Richard Windon and I’m a first time hunter ever, I guess you can call me green. I’ve never took down a deer before in my life doe or Buck..... well, here is my story.

    It was opening day 2017 of rifle season. I got out to the stand around 5:30am. It was the rut so I’m told. On the way to the stand I said a little prayer, Lord please bless us with one of your majestic creatures this morning. First light came I see a buck but can’t see how big the antlers are, his head is down on my scent trail I left out. When I seen him I noticed he was a seven pointer and I about lost it Wow a true buck. I was so nervous lined up my sights and boom!!!! Took the shot with the .308 he’s down!!! I called a buddy of mine who was hunting about a 100yds or more away and said I got one wow my first deer and it’s a seven I then said should I go down I can’t wait to see this. He then pursuaded me to stay in the stand since the rut was on. Here’s where it gets interesting about 30-45min later after some aggressive grunt calls and tanks spray you wouldn’t believe it big boy 10 pointer comes walking out with a DOUBLE BROW TINE AND DROP TINE!!!! Now I was really nervous my heart was beating , hands were shaking , I couldn’t believe my eyes. I watched and followed him with the rifle for about 10 min or so before I was man enough to take the shot and with a quick prayer... BANG!!!! Big Boy 10 was Down!!! It was so amazing to me and apparently to a lot of veteran hunters ... first time hunter , opening day, 7 pointer, 30 min later a 10 pointer. Wow God is so good. Well what do you think????

    Date: 11/11/17

    Granville County

    Thank you

    November 13, 2017 at 2:47pm

    Thanks buddy
    I’m definitely hooked now.

    November 14, 2017 at 9:48am
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