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  • I was talking to my hunting partner and wondering why he was hunting at a friends land about a mile down the road. I figured they had been getting pictures of a good deer. He told me there was a Big Boy that kept showing up and they were hunting him. I was curious because we had several
    nice deer at our farm and he wasn’t hunting our land. When I asked my partner to see the pictures on November 1st I totally understood why. He was a mature 10pt buck and he had height, mass and very symmetrical points. He was a perfect deer. I figured, well what the chances that he shows up at our farm. I didn’t believe it could happen but it’s November so anything can happen. I sat in the stand the next morning, November 2nd and around 8:45 I saw a mature buck crossing the creek. All I saw was horns so I knew he was a shooter. The deer circled back around and that’s when I realized it was the Big Boy I saw in the pictures. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I tried to stay calm but it was impossible. He spent several minutes sniffing and getting comfortable before he came into the corn. He was in the corn at about 60 yards for about 4 minutes. I couldn’t bare to watch him any longer. He wouldn’t giving me a broadside shot and my scope was fogging up about every 30 seconds. I was concerned something was going to mess up the hunt. I told myself if he lifted his head again I was going to take him in the chest. He looked up one final time. I pulled the trigger on my Thompson’s muzzle loader and down he went. The deer of a lifetime. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief. What a blessing to harvest such a beautiful deer.

    November 08, 2017 at 1:48pm
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