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  • On September 14th 2017 I decided to go home by my oak tree stand. Little did I know that at 7:15 that evening my 5 year wait on a buck of my lifetime would walk out. It all started that afternoon when I was late getting to my farm. Normally I like to be in my stand by 3:45 pm but I didn't make it there till 5pm. I walked pretty quickly as I rounded the corner there was a doe in my corn pile. I honestly thought my hunt was over before it started. But i slipped in anyways got up and the stand l got all situated and settled in. Had a few more does come out to the feeder as the sun was going down. I saw a small buck coming straight for me. Then a lil bigger 6 point step out. As I was drawing my bow back I saw this tall and wide rack running toward me so I turn my attention to him. As he stepped out into my shooting lane gave me the perfect shot at 15 yards took a deep breath and last thing I heard was the sound of my arrow hitting this big buck. At this time i only knew he was tall wide and big After about 30mins of tracking we found him 75 yard from my stand. And once I got my hands on him I was in total shock to find I just shot a main frame 10 point with with both brow tines split with made him a big 12 point with a small kicker on his main beam it wasn't long enough to count as a point for a official score but heck in my eyes it's a 13 point buck. It's by far the biggest buck I've ever killed and the first buck I've kill with a bow.

    September 19, 2017 at 6:45pm
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