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  • I was running late on Election Day nov. 8, 2016. As I was headed to my stand at 6:15 am. I was 75 yds away from the stand I was going to hunt and I heard a shot. I figured the deer were already moving. So as I got settled in daylight broke open and revealed a beautiful morning. Then about a little after 7 am a doe ran across the food plot at 50yds. I knew a buck was probably chasing her. Before I could get my 25-06 up. A what looked like a 4 or 6 pt. Ran across hot on her tail. Then another bigger deer jumped the narrow strip headed down river on the neighbors property. So I began to look in the other two directions that the stand has. But kept looking back in the direction they crossed in case they returned. 15 or so minutes later a small doe comes off the property behind me at 10yds. And walks by the stand to the corn pile in front of me. As she ate corn I looked left to where the doe and company crossed and a spike is standing there looking right at me. So he takes off in the direction the hot doe went. The small doe starts to feed away from me. Then I get a text from a guy that hunts up river. He sends me a picture of a nice buck he killed at you guessed it 6:15 am. That was him who shot as I was walking in. So we exchanged a couple text and then I was back to feeling like a bobble head. Looking in all directions. About an hour later I looked to my right and at 50 yds a real nice doe is walking straight towards the stand. So I began to size her up for my clubs biggest doe contest. Then she stops and looks back behind her. A tell tell sign that something is following her. You can see 175 yds in the direction she came from. Then all of a sudden the biggest buck of my 36 year deer hunting career walks out. I'm 47 started hunting at the age 11 with a 3 shot Ithaca 20ga shotgun. And I've seen and killed some nice deer over my career. But I didn't need my binoculars to tell me that I was looking at a true buck of a lifetime. But when I did look at him thru them. I began to slightly shake. Something I haven't done in years. So the doe keeps coming right by the enclosed stand I'm in. I began to worry she is going to wind me. Or make some sudden move to blow this deal. He was very cautious. But I didn't want to take that shot at that distance. He was facing me straight on. So he began to move in my direction. He just continues to walk then stops. Then walks until he is 75 yds. away. I began to think this buck is going to come right by my stand. The doe is still standing right under the stand. So I thought I could take this buck with my Ruger Super Redhawk .44 mag. That I carry with me also. It is scoped with 2x6 bushell scope. I've killed several Does with it. So I felt confident that I could take him with it. But under the circumstances with the doe standing under the stand and him now 50 yds away. I had to put the rifle down and get the pistol out. I was scared I might bump the stand or the doe might hear me moving. So I make the best decision to just slowly raise the 25-06 and make the shot. So I put the cross hairs on his lower neck. Because he is still facing straight on. I slowly squeeze the trigger and he dropped in his tracks. I turned my head to see where the doe went. She was standing 15 yds from the stand head down eating just like she didn't have a care in the world. So I like to think she brought him straight to me. To get him off her tail. Lol .But that didn't last long . Because I look back at my buck and here comes the same spike I saw earlier and he runs right by the buck and began to trail her. She ran in the woods and made a circle and run right back to the stand. With the spike right on her tail and away down river they go. So I just sat and reflected a few minutes on where my deer hunting career started. Just up River from where I was about a mile on the Great Pee Dee river in Chesterfield County SC. Is where my hunting career started at 11 years old. Now at 47 I've may have killed the biggest buck of my life. Which I can live with if the good Lord sees fit. He was a 155lb 8pt 18' in side spread with rough gross score of 140 B&C inches.

    November 11, 2016 at 6:25pm
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