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  • Hi, I am a fish and wildlife student in North Carolina! My class is taking a trip for a week to work at Tom Yawkey Island. Some of my classmates and I are planning on doing some surfcasting and I was looking for a little advice and information. We are going to be there about mid-November. I was looking to find out what is running inland that time of year in the area, recommended bait and rig set up, any rules and regs we may want to know and any other helpful information such as good spots on the Yawkey to hit. I grew up surfcasting but not much bottom fishing which is all i keep seeing information for. We plug fished for striped bass. I know it's not the season for them down there when we'll be there, but any and all information I can get would be much appreciated. Thanks ya'll!

    October 05, 2016 at 9:08am
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