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  • After having a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, it was late in the day, so my husband and I hurried to get in our favorite spots to hunt in Barnwell County, South Carolina. I was enjoying the quiet time on this beautiful afternoon, when I heard something to my right about 5 o'clock, but I never saw anything. I thought it must have been a squirrel. I waited and waited like always. It was almost dark and I was ready to go home. My husband wasn't, so I anxiously stared at the corn pile 126 yards away. Suddenly, a big buck wandered out of the woods just about 50 yards in front of me. I was in total shock! I reached for my rifle, a Remington .30-06, which was handed down to me by my father. As I steadied myself and looked through my scope, I saw the deer head into the woods. Disgusted with myself, I put down my rifle and scolded myself for not being ready. I wanted to tell my husband that I had seen a monster, so I picked up my phone to send a text. During this time I was fussing at myself saying...You might can see him through the should try. So, I put my phone down and picked up my rifle again. Through my scope, I could see he was moving, but not too fast. I saw his neck between two trees and without thinking I just pulled the trigger. As the shock of pulling the trigger eased, I could see his white belly in the air! I couldn't believe it! I was hoping he wouldn't get up to run and he didn't. I finally sent my husband a text that said...big buck down. I hurried down from the stand to see my prize before the light was gone from the sky and I was amazed. He was big and he had a big rack! We wrestled with him and almost never got him loaded into our big F250. We met our friends and had a great time weighing and measuring my monster. After looking at our game camera, we realized this was a deer we called Tall Tines. We had been watching him for a few weeks hanging around. Tall Tines had 8 points and weighed 175 pounds. His green score was 141-1/8. Hopefully, he will look great mounted and hanging in our den. This will be our first! My husband works so hard at putting corn out, watching and planning, just so one of us might have this opportunity. He will sit for hours just wishing and waiting. I truly appreciate all that he does and I am blessed to have him! This was the perfect hunt for me and I had the best time! Maybe Tall Tines will make the record book this year! I am so very thankful for this most amazing and memorable Thanksgiving Day!

    December 09, 2015 at 12:35pm
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