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  • Hey guys my parents just moved to the seneca area. I've spent the last couple xmas's down there with them and I'm a huge waterfowl hunter up here in MI. I just have a couple questions in regards to where and what I can duck hunt in this area, but by no means do i want anybody to tell me about specific locales. I enjoy doing my own leg work just looking for a little help in regards to riparian rights i guess:

    1) Closest area to my parents home is fants grove wma. Its my understanding the Army Corp of Engineering owns the shorelines so i cant set up along the shore line or anything? I'll have a canoe down with me just not a boat to hunt open water ways.

    2) CAT I waterfowl areas are out of the question in regards to hunting for myself since i didnt make the sept. draw period, correct?

    3)anyting i need to know about chasing ducks on state land ie. fants grove/keowee wma? Here in MI if its water on state land you just have to make sure your 350 yds from nearest domicile/road etc. I just want to make sure I'm not setting myself up for failure this year. Also want to get the scoop to see if its even worth bringing my waterfowl gear down.

    I will be checking in with the local Clemson DNR office once I get down there, but like i said I'm just curiuos as to if its even worth it.

    I'll be paying those nice out of state license fees that will go to SC outdoors too so go easy on me here fellas!

    I know the season is right around the corner for you guys down there and let me tell you the weather up here in MI has not been cooperating. I'm tired of hunting local birds! Best of luck to all of you this season and happy holidays!

    November 12, 2015 at 3:16pm
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