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  • i Decided To hunt with my granddad this Saturday morning. My little cousin wasn't with him so i decided to go with him to his favorite stand. Not knowing how much longer he will be around. The sun started coming up and the deer started moving. Having 3 does and a big 4 point in the food plot we discussed about me taking the big 4 point. About the time i was gonna grab my 300 win mag he said don't move. I eased my head up looking down the power line at about 85 yards i could see a big bodied deer standing in a thicket. I got my rife up looking through the Scope, couldn't see the deer's head just a big body. I kept looking harder and harder trying to see a rack. Then about that time i look up his neck his head turns and the sun hit his rack. Then it hit me how big he was. I told my granddad that he was a big one, and i was gonna kill him when i could find a hole to shoot through. We watched him make a scrape for about 2 min then, my granddad grunted at him. He buffed up a little. He just kept on making his scrape.My Grandad Snort weezed at him. i was thinking is he stupid ive never heard a deer do that around here. Then the buck walked up the hill about 3 steps and i found a hole. The size of a basketball to shoot through. He was facing me and i told my granddad i had a clean hole to shoot through. i put it on his chest and squeezed it off. The Savage 300 Win Mag Cracked down the power line. I saw his head go back when i shot so i knew i hit him. My granddad told me to get down and go check to make sure i hit him. I walked down to where he was and looked and looked then i saw a tail move and he was laying there dead I thought. I started jumping up and down screaming and hollering. I walked back to to my granddad who was climbing out of the condo stand. We walked back down to the deer together. We walked up to him and i touched him in the back of the eye and his eyes started blinking and legs started kicking. I put the gun behind his shoulder and shot him again. We drug him up to the food Plot and got back in the stand because it was only 8:15 When we sat back down we saw 4 more bucks but no shooters. My graddad looked at his watch and said this day 6 years ago i killed my biggest buck in this same stand. It was ment to be.

    November 10, 2015 at 11:37am
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