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  • Here's my opinion: You bloodthirsty, backwards bastards have SIX, count um, SIX other days of the week to go out and kill things. It would not pain you one little bit to NOT kill things on Sunday. Every creature on the face of this earth deserves at least one day of the week to rest and regroup. I can only imagine how a deer or other forest animal must feel. Some stupid yahoo goes into THEIR HOMES (because that is what the woods ARE; THEIR domain, not yours) with the sole objective of murdering them. How horrible it must be for them to never be able to be at rest or at peace; to always be afraid. How would any of YOU like to feel like that, to have to live like that? I know these words will fault on deaf (and dumb) ears, but hunters need to put themselves in an animal's place and show them empathy and compassion. Huntin' ain't cool and it ain't macho. It just shows that you're so afraid of your emotions that you can't think of any better way to let out your anger. REAL men (and women) are kind to animals. What goes around comes around, and, brothers and sisters, one day it's gonna come around on YOU!

    June 08, 2015 at 4:38pm
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