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  • Called this Turkey in for my girlfriend Danielle Taylor first bird she got first year hunting turkey. Started out hunting first thing that morning last day of turkey season could hear plenty of gobbling all around us. But wasn't able to call anything in for the first three hours. I could hear a gobble at a far distance for a while wasn't getting any closer. I was curious got up walked back on top of the hill looked over in the field there he was chasing a hen gobbling and strutting about 500 yards away. Could see him and he answered to call but wouldn't break from the hen. Finally after playing with him for over 30 minutes the hen finally broke lose and left him alone. But he went back farther away from us. Danielle had started to get tired and took a break started walking around and found two four leaf clovers. I went up to get the truck because she was ready to leave giving up early. As I brought the truck down to pick her up and the decoys up I hit the box call one time to make sure he wasn't close by before we left and he gobbled back he was actually closer to us. I began to tell Danielle to get her gloves and mask back on and go back and sit down he was coming so I went and parked truck back up hill and came and sat next to her. I hit the call a few times he didn't make a sound finally I hit the crow call and he gobbled once again and I knew then he was coming in. I told Danielle to watch the fence line and sure enough we haven't been sitting 30 minutes and all of a sudden she whispered there he is I couldn't see him but she could. She shot and down he was. He never even seen us and he was only about 20 yards from us, she was happy as could be. I guess her finding them two four leaf clover brought her luck. He had 11 inch beard and 1 inch spurs

    May 12, 2015 at 11:21am
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