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  • Large school of Bulls came into the surf Wednesday night on Ocracokes south point. We were fishing the false point until around 9pm the last truck left off the main south point. We moved the truck and gear and were in for some heavy action. After soaking bait for 30 minutes we were in a blitz. I've seen puppy drum run like this but not large drum and I've never caught a citation. For about an hour and half we hook 8 large drum. We managed to beach 5 with measurements of 27', 37', 40.25', 41', and 44'. Finished the night with a ray that fought for 30 min and broke off. All fish were released alive and well and received 3 citations. Won't ever forget that night. Anyhow, get to the beach and fish!

    October 13, 2014 at 4:55pm
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