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  • This morning Saturday,Nov. 28.2015, I got up early and went to the handicapped blind off of Shaw Hwy. in Pender county. It is about a half mile past the entrance to Holly Shelter off of Shaw Hwy. This is my first time hunting there this deer season, I checked the day before and they had put back the damaged blind. So I was really fired up. After waiting for daylight to get there and warm up it was finally happening. Only I heard so dogs hunting in the distance and lots of shots. So I said yes the deer are moving. Only the handicapp road and field is off limits to hound hunters. Apparently only the ones who do what they want to do and who cares about handicapped people. They had no handicapped permit, or even one companion permit. They ran their dogs all over from the road, Shaw Hwy. toward the handicapp area and then they drove all the way down the handicap lane to the blind that I was in. The first group drove down and then turned around and left. The second group of trucks an people and dogs were all over and the dogs ran right in front of my blind then the grandpa shot a deer right behind my blind. I told them they were illegal and ruining my hunting and they said they had been doing it for 25 yrs and hunting here as well. So if the conservation is not going to inforce the law, just take down the signs, and lets have a free for all which is what is happening now. It was totally disrespectful.

    November 28, 2015 at 10:00am

    Well, when I called Holly Shelter about the gates still being closed and when they would be opening them. I was told August 30 or 31. Not told why so late. Anyone know why.

    August 11, 2015 at 9:26am

    Has anyone been hunting in Holly Shelter gamelands. I have been a few time with my son and no luck. Had one coming in around us and a truck drove by road hunting and that ended that hunt. I have a couple of nice spots where hens are gathering and have seen a monster gobbler when I had not seen him before or even heard a gobble. I am deaf and only hear close gobbles so there is no use for me to try and hoot and go to them. So I am hunting sign and food plots. I can call fairly good but only two time by myself and I plan on going out from now on around 11:30 PM . To some field where I have seen hens. Any one else been killing any birds there. Thanks Papo

    April 21, 2015 at 9:30pm

    Well I am not going to post a pic because my son on his facebook has made enough fun of my Coastal Carolina doe. Only thing that I can say it tasted awesome and my wife said it tasted like baby beef veal. Yes it was small deer. Still with just moving here and knowing no one or a place to hunt. I had found Holly shelter and it is truly a swamp. Put out a trail camera and got some does on it and some huge black bear a couple around 400 lbs or better and one day light pic and then night time ones. When I figure out how to video post them I will. Also a Momma with some big cubs. They like eating on a food plot from conservation. Back to deer. I had to track it through the swamp, then cross a small creek and rope it and haul it to a bear trail and down the trail to the creek and cross it. No waders. OH plus I had a damaged right hip joint totally destroyed so the ortho said who just finished replacing it 10 days ago. Then hauled it across the water, field to road and drove truck and loaded it. I was glad it was small and also glad no bear smelled the bloody trail it left. I was persistant as Doe Killer told me to be because he was the one who informed me of this field.Thank YOu Doe Killer and have a Merry Christmas. I am recovering. Also saw flock of 20 jakes that showed up one day and I was in my blind. Had to wait several hours for them to leave. Then never saw them the rest of the year. Also once gun season started and dogs running no more bear were seen. No fresh scat as well was found. God bless all

    December 22, 2014 at 6:57pm

    I used preorbital scent from Smokey, and have used it for several years and it has brought in the does and then the bucks, of all ages. I am a firm believer in preorbital scent. I usually start it in July, and always keep very clean and I used it around field edges. I break some branches that are the right height. Always keep clean and use rubber gloves and boots. We have cattle so besides the rubber boots being clean I always step in cow pies ( feces of cows ) and the deer never ever smell my scent from my feet. I have used all stuff before like fox pee, coon pee, etc. but the fresh cow pies worked great. Back to scents.......... I also made a visual scrape below with no scent in it. Oh, the trees that I put the scent on were acorn trees, and about the time the acorns started to drop by that time the deer licking the branches and biting them off and also scraping was everywhere. I also started using scrape mate in the scrapes as the deer started to scrape. I also used later in the rut or right when the rut opened up, some kind of scent female scent on a yellow long pad I bought at Bass Pro. The deer and usually big bucks or mature bucks would bite in and the branch with the licking ( pre orbital scent ) clean off the tree. I had a trail cam set up ad it was really cool. A lot of night time photos and the deer would stay nocturnal until the heavy rut and then a few days and if the wind was right I could hunt them. Believe me the wind was tough and usually only a few days during the peak of the rut in Missouri was I able to hunt them. I am talking archery mainly. But with the gun is was a lot easier than the bow. My garage now in Jacksonville is filled with the ones that had to find a girl friend. Try to use pre orbital scents in the right location and remember you have to doctor them up after rains, hot sun, etc.. I was able on fields to drive by and reach out window and place a few drops on the pads I used. I have used many different sizes of pads, and hanging methods but the drops on the cut limbs worked the best to start with. Good luck. If you ever need a partner to hunt with, or call or rattle for you get in touch. God bless.

    September 13, 2014 at 9:37am

    Just moved here from Missouri and love to hunt. I am a senior citizen and have a limp or gimp for the moment. Getting ready to go to surgery soon for hip replacement. Would like to kill a deer with bow before middle of November and surgery. I can suck it up to hunt. Just need a place, so if you need a partner or know a good public place I can get to, will be much apprecitated. Have a great day on opening day of archery for deer. God bless.

    September 13, 2014 at 8:59am
    A comment titled: Re: Croatan Forest Hound Hunts in response to a report titled: Croatan Forest Hound Hunts

    OK so you want to be a hound hunter. Well what kind are you going to be. I will tell you what not to be. This morning in Pender county, NC, on shaw hwy, just past the entrance to Holly Shelter about another half mile or so to the handicapped drive and road to the handicapp blind that I was in. I have all my legal papers and truck tag, etc. No companion today. So I got up real early to make sure that I got the spot needed in the blind, only one there til after daylight then a couple hound hunter trucks show up, illegal all the way, then they saw me and then went back out. Ruining my hunt so far, now there were some dogs running way off, and lots of shots. Then I hear dogs getting closer and closer, and then nine beagles run right by my blind, which is illegal to hunt in the handicapp area. They are looking for some scent and I know deer have been visiting this area because of the sign. So these doggers have the whole Holly Shelter to hunt thousands of acreas. But no they have to come and interrupt my hunt. Then the dogs are coming my way but behind me and then a couple shots. Now the dogs are getting really hot, but only the deer they were running has already been shot with buckshot right behind me. So I get out of the blind and walk up the road for a very short distance. Here are the hound huntsmen with a dead deer. Plus nine hounds trying to cross the ditch. So I told them they are ruining my hunt and they are illegal. The grandpa and old guy tells me his has papers and bla bla bla, and a heart condition. He had no paper and not one companion pass for one other person if he did have a disabled permit. Then the other 6 people and a boy plus two vechicles were all illegal. Do not be that kind of a hound hunter. Totally disrespectful plus they were teaching a child the same stuff. Pender County conservation agents love to hassel dove hunters but never ever follow up and patrol handicapp areas.

    November 28, 2015 at 9:42am
    A comment titled: Re: Opening Day Birds in response to a report titled: Opening Day Birds

    Nice bird, tomorrow in Holly Shelter I will try to out gun the others and kill a bird. Only can't hear them until they are close so I am toning down my calling. I used to be real aggressive when I could hear them and judge how hot they were. But when they get so close I have to be careful. So far only hear one gobble and it was a weird gobble, very short and not to loud. These are swamp birds and never heard or seen so many running the swamps.

    April 21, 2015 at 9:36pm
    A comment titled: Re: Five Bearded Turkey in response to a report titled: Five Bearded Turkey

    I just love seeing and hearing of success of the children and then such an awesome hunt after the sons hunt. You are truly blessed all around. Praise the Lord.

    April 21, 2015 at 9:24pm
    A comment titled: Re: Gobble Gooble in response to a report titled: Gobble Gooble

    REally nice bird and hope to kill one in the spring of 2015.

    February 15, 2015 at 7:01pm
    A comment titled: Re: One big ass turkey in response to a report titled: One big ass turkey

    Nice Bird, I lived in Missouri for 64 yrs. and at the Herndon farm, 600 acres, and killed some big birds there. A couple 29 lbs ers with spurs and beards. But so long ago on that one that I really had no idea he was a record type. Just loved to call them and hunt them, plus eat them. Never kept spurs or bears or wings, etc. But later on I started to keep just about all of the bird, and taught tons of kids how to make wing bone calls and other things. Nice bird and now that I live in Jacksonville, NC I am ready to hunt NC birds. So far I have some great pics of gobblers.

    February 15, 2015 at 6:58pm
    A comment titled: nice in response to a report titled: Gobble Gooble

    I just moved to Jacksonville area and came from Missouri and trying to find my way around. Love to turkey hunt and have killed several birds and some nice ones. If you put your time in and hunt enough eventually one gets a nice one. I love to call and scout and also hunt. If anyone needs a partner to hunt with I am ready. love to call. I am a senior citizen. thanks and good luck. Oh I also love to hunt in general and archery as well.

    September 13, 2014 at 8:54am
    A comment titled: big bird in response to a report titled: One big ass turkey

    big bird, looks like a Missouri bird.

    September 13, 2014 at 8:50am
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