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  • ketchmall live squirrel trap
    The Outlaw Multi-catch repeating trap 17' x 17' x 6' ( $ 44.95 ) & Mini Outlaw Multi-catch repeating trap 11' x 11' x 6' ( $24.95 ) are made with 16 Ga. Welded Galvanized, Cage-Quality wire with two acrylic doors . Both traps are great for trapping and removing unwanted squirrels & rodents with the ability to release non-target catches. With its high holding capacity these traps are well suited for the Farmers, Ranchers, Wildlife Rodent Control, Schools, Parks, Golf Course and around your home. The unique push through one way acrylic doors makes it easy for animals to enter and impossible for them to escape.
    1. Allows multiple catches without resetting
    2. Easy to release non-target animals
    3. Safe around children, pets, horses, and livestock
    4. No poisons or harmful chemicals to handle
    5. Easy to bait and remove target rodents
    6. No moving parts to wear out or break
    7. Works in any kinds of weather
    8. 16 Ga. Welded Galvanized, Cage-Quality.
    9. Easily cleaned and maintained
    10. Is the only trap with see-thur doors (Acrylic )
    11. Tested and Proven for 20 years .

    March 27, 2014 at 11:16pm
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