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  • On the 7th of December, up in northwestern Wilkes County, my husband & I went out to our hunting houses as was usual for us this time of year. The day was long and I hadn't seen a single deer so I decided it was time to go. I put my things together in my pack and just as I was getting ready to open the door, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked to my left where I saw no less then 8 does! They were meandering around the pond we have back in the woods. Of course, at this point, I sat back down in my chair and proceeded to get ready just in case a buck came out of the pine thicket chasing one of the does.... the sunlight was lessening every minute and I knew I only had a few moments before I would no longer be able to see the deer. Then, suddenly a head poked out of the pine thicket.... and it was a deer whom we ended up dubbing the 'crazy deer' because of his odd rack. He has 2 points on one side and 5 on the other making him a 7 pointer. The mess of the left side was quite impressive! If only he had two impressive sides but, as it is, we can honestly say we have never seen or noticed any buck with this rack.
    For a mountain deer, ol' crazy deer was impressively huge! Took 4 adults to get him in the deer carrier on the back of our truck! He was definitely over 200 pounds!!
    So, that just goes to show you, that you never know when or where some ol' crazy deer may pop out of the woods and into your sight!

    December 11, 2018 at 1:55pm

    This past week, my husband decided to change up his hunting routine and went to one of our tree stands that we've had in place for years. Always been a successful stand for taking a deer for meat. Well, this particular day was more unusual then any other day in that stand!
    Dusk was fast approaching and since my husband hadn't seen anything that afternoon, he decided to use his grunt tube and see what might happen. In the past he has had some success with grunting so why not try? He had nothing to lose.....
    About ten minutes after he grunted, he could hear footsteps approaching from the pine thicket not far from the stand.... amazing how much noise leaves make this time of year! Anyway, he kept watching, gun ready just in case it was something for the dinner table.... the day was winding down quickly....he watched as the deer approached his stand but the deer was straight on so he didn't feel he had a good shot. Couldn't tell for sure how many points the deer had but could tell it was a racked buck of some kind..... the deer kept coming in nearer to the stand but never gave him a good shot. Finally the deer was at the bottom of the tree stand - my husband figured that the deer would walk past and give him a shot as he turned out from the stand where it was more open. Nope! Not this deer! He had something else on his mind - horning the ladder to the tree stand!!!
    At that point the deer just kept hitting the metal ladder this way and that way. Of course by the time this all took place, dark had come upon the woods and so my husband no longer had the shot nor the light to take the deer. Instead he whipped out his trusty LED flashlight to see what the heck was 'horning' his ladder! The LED flashlight shined right on the deer.... you would think the deer would have left by then, but no, not this deer! He just kept horning the ladder to the tree stand! My husband waited a few moments contemplating what he was going to do next as the deer just continued to horn the ladder below!
    Finally, it was dark & my husband started holloring along with tapping on the rails of the stand.... he figured this would annoy or scare the deer enough to leave and it worked! He didn't run away, no, not this deer. He took his time and walked right back into the pine thicket where he had come from! So, call it what you will, what we call this guy 'the horny buck'!
    My husband will never forget the experience!
    One evening later this week, my husband was back in the same tree stand and about the same time of the afternoon, he grunted.... in came the same deer but this time he came in so that my husband had the perfect shot which, of course, he took! This 6 pointer won't be horning that ladder anymore that's for sure!

    November 21, 2015 at 1:39pm

    After such a hard year in which we lost one of our parents with two others still sick and one still struggling with a fall related injury to the knee, we felt we needed some time in the woods. The silence, the solitude, the view.... things my husband & I both needed after such a hard year. We have cameras out where we are seeing a lot of does but very few bucks - a spike & 5 pointer are the only bucks on camera. So, on the evening of November 7th (first day of muzzleloading in the mountains), my husband decided I should have a turn in the woods (he had gone out that morning).... so off to the hunting house I went ready for some peace & solitude that the woods have to offer. I watched as does meandered around in my view along with a noisy squirrel here & there. As dusk approached, I figured this wasn't going to be my day to bring some meat to the table in the form of a buck. (We had decided to let all does walk this year). Off to my left I saw some movement so I decided to keep an eye on that area of the woods in case a buck was hesitating to come out... I was right! After a few moments, he came out of the woods one hesitant step at a time - keeping his eye on the numerous does walking around picking at the grass and weeds about 40 yards in front of the hunting house. As he finally situated himself broadside to me, I had the shot that I needed - I took the shot knowing that I had taken down the only buck I had seen on this fine fall day. I called my husband who came right up to assist by bringing our Kubota RTV1100 to load the deer into. As we approached the buck, we could see that one side of his horns was darker in color than the other side thus our nickname 'the chocolate buck'. My hunting for this year is complete as I will have surgery this Tuesday and again early December so I am especially thankful for this gift that was given to me on this nice November day!!

    November 09, 2015 at 1:27pm
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