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  • 11-29-2013 I got in my stand around 3pm in a hardwood bottom next to a creek. After things settled down I started blowing my grunt some and rattled one time. Around 4:50 a doe slipped up in front of me about 15 yards, as I had my eyes on her I heard grunts back behind her but could not see. I knew that it had to be a good buck trailing her. I sat patiently waiting to get a look at what it was. The doe was uneasy and couldn't pick me out but knew something was up. He took a few more steps and I was able to see he was nice buck still had no idea how big. He stayed back about 15 yards behind the doe while she browsed for acorns still on high alert though. I knew that I was going to have one window of opportunity to get my hands on my gun and make the move to get into position to get a shot as they both eased toward and around me. About 5:15 the doe made her way around my right hand side at 8 yards. The buck had his head down and I slowly moved my hands to my gun and got my scope to my eye. I heard the doe stomp I was dead on his shoulder at 13 yards. When he heard her stomp he stopped right behind a tree! No shot! As I leaned forward to see around the tree the doe blew me and he took off running away from me I never took the scope off of him and had a small lane to shoot. When he turned the slightest bit quartering away from me I shot my Browning BarII 270. at 45 yards. My Heart dropped when I didn't hear any crashing or the sound of hooves running. I just knew I had missed the biggest buck I had ever had chance at. I tried to calm myself my heart was POUNDING adrenaline pumping. I sat in my stand till it was dark wondering WHAT IF....
    I got down went to my truck not wanting to push the deer if I had made a bad shot. I called my dad to come help me look for a nice buck that I think I might have missed or gut shot. He arrived we went into the woods this was about 45min after the shot. I climbed my stand and pointed my light to where he was when I shot. My father located the bucks tracks and stated man that's a big track I said I know. I climbed down and joined him looking for any sign of blood. When he ask me which direction was he headed I lifted my light to show him the direction and there he lay 15 yards from us piled up. THANK YOU LORD! I was all over myself as I saw him. We looked for the bullet entry and could not find it none the less for that moment I was pumped. When I got the deer to our shop and began to dress him I found the bullet went thru his upper ham came out beside his spine and went in the back of his head beside his left antler. I am one lucky man my dad said I agree. I had pictures of this deer in 2011 when he was 3years old 20 yards from where I killed him at. Did not have any pictures of him in 2012 or this year. I had no idea it was him till we got him to our shop. AWESOME! 15yrs of hunting and I was so happy to finally have a chance at a mature buck that I had some history with and a story and experience with my dad I will never forget. God is Good! 6pt 19.5 inches wide 198lbs

    December 17, 2013 at 9:25pm
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    Prayers for him & family

    December 18, 2013 at 7:51pm
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