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  • Student Angler League Tournament Trail #2 11/12/2016
    Georgetown, SC
    Student Anglers of Horry, Georgetown and Berkeley counties weathered strong winds and a cold front to bring many bass and a pair of red fish to the scales. Each individual tourney provides an opportunity to win close to $1,000 in gift cards, prizes and raffle items. It is never too late to join and you do not have to have a team at your school to participate.
    In the bass division, Conway’s Blake Thompson took first place with 5 fish at 13.45 pounds plus the big fish of 3.49 pounds. Georgetown’s Shawn Benton and Logan Benton were second with 5 fish at 11.88 pounds. Andrew’s Caleb Thornell and and Brandon Porter were third with 5 fish at 9.02 pounds.
    In the red fish division, only Andrew’s Noah Payne and Kadyn Kellahan made the scales with 2 fish at 8.41 pounds and Kadyn had the big fish at 4.36 pounds.
    February is when things kick back off with a Fishing School Seminar to raise money on the February 4th at St James Middle School. This event will allow schools with fishing teams an opportunity to raise money with pre-sales and raffle items the schools can bring. Speakers will be local saltwater charter boat captains as well as bass tournament anglers. All ages are welcomed.
    Trail events resume on February 11th, February 25th and March 11th.

    November 14, 2016 at 9:00am

    Student Angler League Tournament Trail #1 10/29/2016

    SALTT kicked off the school year season with near perfect conditions of 75 degrees weather and slick waters in the Winyah Bay. A record number of anglers registered for the third season of targeting either two reds or five bass. 18 schools are represented so far in Horry, Georgetown, and Berkeley counties. You do not have to have a fishing team at your school to participate.
    Conway High’s Gage Fortson and Jacob Richardson took first place in the red division with 2 fish at 7.61 pounds plus the big fish of 4.71 pounds. Second place went to Rosemary ( Andrews ) Middle School’s Noah Payne and Kadyn Kellahan with 2 fish at 3.55 pounds. Third place went to Henry Poston from the Academy of Arts, Science and Technology who was fishing solo. He had 2 fish at 3.40 pounds.
    Andrew High’s Caleb Thornell and Brandon Porter took first place in the bass division with a single bass at 1.94 pounds that also doubled as big fish. No other bass teams brought fish to the scale.
    November 12th is the next trail in Georgetown from Campbell Boat Landing on the Sampit River and it is never too late to sign up and fish the Student Angler League.
    February 11, February 25 and March 11 or 18 will be future trail dates.

    October 31, 2016 at 6:27am

    Student Angler League Tournament Trail for this school year begins in October. The league requires an adult of 21 years or older to drive one or two anglers. The boat captain can decide the morning of if the team is targeting 2 red drum ( spot tail bass ) or 5 freshwater bass. Fishing is from 7 to 3 and the boat captain can fish but only the fish caught by student anglers count.

    Registration can be done by printing forms and mailing or emailing to the director Rayburn Poston. Please read the information from the website then if you have any questions, call the director at 843-902-4274

    Registration can be done at Gander Mountain in Myrtle Beach on September 13th at 6 pm or at the Flounder Fundraiser Tournament in Murrells Inlet on October 8th.

    August 25, 2016 at 9:35am

    SALTT ended the season with a “bass only” tourney with student anglers from Conway, Waccamaw, Georgetown and Aynor. A cold morning warmed up as well as the bite as the day got closer to weight ins. The top 3 finishers are as followed:
    1st Collin Newton / Darius Haynes Waccamaw 5 fish 10.78 pounds
    2nd Gabe Brown Aynor 2 fish 8.54 pounds Big Fish 5.26
    3rd Ben Cooper / Todd Howard Conway 3 fish 3.25 pounds

    SALTT cranks back up next fall with the “Flounder Fundraiser” on October 8th then the trail begins on the following dates where middle and high school anglers will target either 2 reds or 5 bass: Oct 15, Oct 29, Nov 12, Feb 11, Feb 25 and March 11. All tourneys will be help in Georgetown from 7 am to 3 pm.
    For more information,

    April 18, 2016 at 11:33am

    April 2nd 2016 SALTT : Student Angler League Tournament Trail Report from Samworth WMA
    SALTT held a “bass only” tournament that only those who dared fish in what was expected to be a rainy day got rewarded with dry skies. Every boat came to the scales with the 5 fish limit. The top 2 teams won gift cards and every angler received a goodie bag from Gander Mountain.
    1st 13.05 pounds Waccamaw High Colin Newton and Gabriel Pope (Big Fish 5.99)
    2nd 9.82 pounds Conway High Ben Cooper and Todd Howard
    3rd 9.69 pounds Conway High Jacob Richardson and Gage Fortson
    4th 9.64 pounds Aynor High Stephen Smith and Gabe Brown
    5th 9.40 pounds Conway High Bradley Thompkins and Josh Chresoulis
    6th 9.20 pounds Georgetown High Marshall Sasser and Chance Hughes

    April 02, 2016 at 4:28pm

    Georgetown, SC March 5 2016
    Student Angler League’s final of 4 trails ended with over $1,000 worth of gift cards up for grabs. Clear skies made it attractive but the compass changing winds made it challenging. In a season where 90% of the fleet targeted the 2 reds, the bass division business picked up.
    In the high school bass division, Conway’s Dylan Drew and Colby Calhoun took first with 5 fish at 6.52 pounds and Dylan caught the big fish at 2.01 pounds. Conway’s Gage Fortson and Jacob Richardson took second with 3 fish at 5.38 pounds. Georgetown’s Chase Todd and Marshall Sasser finished third with 2 fish at 2.96 pounds.
    In the other division of middle school reds and high school reds there were no fish brought to the scale. No teams registered for the middle school bass all season. Big fish reds (from a photo on the bump board with quick release ) went to Colin Newton of Waccamaw High and Ben Pardue of Conway Middle.

    Trail Champions
    -High School Reds Colin Newton of Waccamaw High and Noah Payne of Rosemary Middle
    -Middle School Reds Ben Pardue and Charlie Holmes of Conway Middle
    -High School Bas Chase Todd and Marshall Sasser of Georgetown

    The Student Angler League will host two bass tourneys in April. 2nd at Samworth WMA in Plantersville and 16th at Sampit in Georgetown. Anglers must have registration and dues paid to participate. The events are to try and increase participation in bass fishing for the league. 90% of the members targeted reds this season. Any student in SC can participate from a public or private school.
    For more information

    March 06, 2016 at 6:31am

    Student Angler League Tournament Trail Press Release
    February 20th 2016 from Georgetown SC

    Conditions were favorable for a late spring but excellent for mid February with a forecast of 70 degrees and very light wind as the majority of the fleet left Campbell Landing on the Sampit River to cross Winyah Bay into North Inlet.

    Colin Newton of Waccamaw High in Pawley’s Island and Noah Payne of Rosemary Middle in Andrews took first in the red drum division with 2 fish at 7.62 pounds. Noah’s dad, Geoffrey Payne was the adult boat captain.

    Todd Howard and Ben Cooper of Conway High took first in the bass division with 2 fish at 4.48 pounds. Ben’s dad Johnny Cooper was the adult boat captain.

    The final trail is March 5th in Georgetown with the make-up on April 16th. At a trail, the boys can target either 2 reds or 5 bass. There will be a tourney on April 16th if the March 5th trail takes place. It would be a 5th or bonus tourney to only go after bass. All the participants on April 16th will leave with a thank you package from the league and it’s sponsors.

    For more information, or contact the director

    February 21, 2016 at 9:30am

    Saltwater Fishing Seminar
    8:00am to 12:00
    February 27th
    @ St James Middle School
    9775 St James Road / highway 707 in Murrell's Inlet

    Local Inshore, Nearshore and Offshore Boat Captains and Guides
    Jason Burton Nathan Landers Jay Baisch
    Jay Sconyers Fred Rourk Ned Campbell
    Mike Eady Johnny Wigfall Greg Holmes

    $20 Entry Fee
    Includes a chance to win a fishing charter donated by Murrells Inlet Fishing Center
    Raffles to benefit the student angler league and local school fishing clubs


    Facebook SALTT : Student Angler League Tournament Trail

    For more information : Rayburn Poston 843-902-4274

    February 03, 2016 at 11:45am

    Student Angler League Tournament Trail #2 launched from Campbell Landing on the Sampit River in Georgetown on November 7. Nearly a dozen and one half boats took to fishing no boundaries for either red drum or bass. Some boat coaches went north toward Conway while some went south toward Charleston and some stayed in Winyah Bay.
    In the red drum high school division, the “Spot Tail Hunters” with Noah Payne of Rosemary Middle in Andrews and Collin Newtwon of Waccamaw High in Pawley’s Island took first with two fish at 9.10 pounds. Second went to a pair of Waccamaw High anglers, Daniel Rourk and Asher Damon. The “Fish Slayers” had two fish at 6.34 pounds. The high school big fish went to Ben Cooper of Conway High from “Team Coward” who took a picture with a 27.5 inch red drum and then released the fish.
    In the red drum middle school division, no anglers brought in fish within the slot of 15-23 inches. “Southern Salt” member Charlie Holmes sent in a picture at 24.25 inches so he was rewarded big fish. In the bass middle school division, no anglers have registered so that division is wide open for the taking.
    In the high school bass division with only two boats registered, each pair made the scales and won gift certificates. All divisions award a finish of first or second along with big fish. Georgetown’s Bass Team with Chase Todd and Lauren Dyer with 5 fish at 6.96 pounds took first and big fish at 2.11 pounds. Second place went to Bradley Thompkins and River Squires, the “River Ratz” of Conway High with one fish at .82 pounds.
    The rest of the trail resumes in 2016 from Sampit on February 20 and March 5 with a make up date on April 16. For more information, go to

    November 08, 2015 at 12:40pm

    Student Angler League Tournament Trail kicked off the second season with less than favorable conditions. Fishing after a few days of rain combined with a flood tide is not always easy or patient to wait on the fish to come to the anglers on a very slow falling tide. Nevertheless, with tourneys designed to have a mid dayish low tide, there were some happy kids parading their catch at the 3:00 weight ins. High school bass division was won by Lauren Dyer and Chase Todd, both of Georgetown High School with 3 fish at 6.54 pounds and Chase took the “Big Fish” honors with a 4.35 pounder. Second place was won by Bradley Thompkins and River Squires of Conway High School. No anglers competed in the middle school bass division. High school red drum division was won by Maria Rabon of the Christian Academy with 1 fish at 1.38 pounds (15.5 inches) with no teams taking second. The “Big Fish” honors with a 38 inch red drum picture taken and fish released was Colin Newton of Waccamaw High School. Middle school red drum division was won by Ben Pardue and Charlie Holmes with 1 fish at 4.07 pounds (21.5 inches) and they also released a 26 inch red drum after a picture was taken on the bump board to show the nose to pinched tail length that determines the “Big Fish” winner for reds. Schools represented were Conway High and Middle, Carolina Forest High, Ocean Bays Middle, Middle, Waccamaw High, Rosemary Middle (Andrews), Socastee High, Forestbrook Middle, Christian Academy High, Stratford High, Georgetown High and Middle, and the Scholars Academy. St James Middle and Blackwater Middle will be attending the next tourney. October 10th is the second of 4 trails this school year and it is NOT too late to sign up and fish the trail. The spring dates are February 20 and March 5. Anglers can target reds “or” bass. Anglers can fish for reds one tourney then bass the next if they choose to but here will be a trail winner for each division and species for each species. All trails are from Campbell Landing on the Sampit River with a 7 am launch and 3 pm weight in. Anglers must have an adult of 21 or older driving and it only costs $25 per angler for the trail. Anglers compete in the middle school or high school division but mixed anglers ( one high, one middle ) must fish in the high school division. For more information go to where you will find the director’s contact information if you have any questions.

    September 27, 2015 at 8:45am

    The Student Angler League will kick off this fall for a second year. SALTT is a tourney trail of red drum and bass for middle school and high school age anglers. An adult must be on board but the adult's fish does not count, but the adult can fish. An angler can fish with a partner or fish solo. Each boat can have either 2 red drum or 5 bass at the weight in. Catch and Release from Georgetown, S.C. for more information with the director's personal contacts from the website.

    SALTT will host a 50/50 Flounder Fundraiser Tourney for all ages on September 12th from Murrells Inlet.

    July 18, 2015 at 3:22pm

    Eastern Sales in Conway at the intersection of 501/544 will host an 'Outdoor Show' with the proceeds going to the Tiger Anglers of Conway areas schools.

    FREE Seminar is Saturday, January 31st from 8 to noon with raffle table and a charter fishing raffle.

    For more information, you can email Coach Poston at

    December 08, 2014 at 4:01pm

    SALTT Student Angler League Tournament Trail Release
    The last red drum tournament of the fall would bring winter weather with 28 degrees and heavy winds at the launch from Georgetown’s South Island Ferry Landing on Saturday, November 15th. 9 of the 12 teams registered with the league braved the elements. At the weight ins located at the South Island Bait Shop, Team Sweet Tea ( Daniel Rourk and Collins Newton) pair of reds took the high school top honors with 7.60 pounds. Team Coward ( Ben Cooper ) took a close second with 6.5 pounds but Team Coward is still in first place for the season. In the middle school division, Team Baylor ( Baylor Nesmith ) took first place with one red drum at 1.38 pounds.
    The season continues with the next two tourneys from South Island Ferry in February 21st and March 21st and the final tourney on April 18th at the Carroll Campbell Landing in Georgetown. Not too late to join up and all the information on the league is on the website.

    November 25, 2014 at 7:01am

    SALTT : Student Angler League Tournament Trail did not let strong winds balk the opening red drum tourney in it’s pilot season. When the boats launched at 7 am from the Carroll Campbell boat landing, some fished the Sampit River and others crossed the Winyaw Bay into North Inlet. Anglers caught fish at both location but most were over the required red drum slot of 15-23 inches per SCDNR rules and regulations. “Team Sweet Tea’s Daniel Rourk and McKinley Grooms of Waccamaw High had one ¾ of an inch over the slot”, said tournament director Rayburn Poston.
    At weight ins, each boat can bring two red drum for weight ins, whereas, the total weight determines the winner. Team Coward’s Ben Cooper from Conway High had 2 fish, both at 19 inches for a total weight of 5.77 pounds winning the high school division earning a plaque and a gift card. Team RED-iculous’s Jackson Denny and Hunter Vines from Carolina Forest High had 1 fish at 3.24 pounds for second place earning a plaque and a gift card each. No other boats in the high school division nor the middle school division brought fish to the scale. All fish brought to the weight ins were released.
    Little River is the site of the next tournament on Saturday, October 18th and registration is still open for any middle or high school student.

    September 22, 2014 at 1:02pm

    Redfish trail for middle and high school students in Georgetown and Little River

    August 31, 2014 at 9:34am

    Redfish trial in pilot season for middle and high school kids in Georgetown and Little River

    August 31, 2014 at 9:33am
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