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    A comment titled: Re: Sunday Hunting--Hell, NO!!! in response to a report titled: Sunday Hunting--Hell, NO!!!

    Well it has been 2 years since I last posted on this forum and I was berated by many of you for my stance against hunting on sundays with firearms. My main concerned centered around hunting close to churches and during church services from 10am to 12:30pm and near any public parks. My opposition was out of respect for the church/religion and for the safety of everyone at these locations. Almost everyone on here was in favor of fulltime hunting on sundays without any restrictions, thankfully a compromise was reached with everyone concerned, we now have firearms hunting on sunday that I'm sure most of us can except and appreciate except for the gameland situation, which will most likely be addressed in the near future. Looking forward to seeing some nice bucks killed this year, it will not be hard to beat last year, it was a terrible year for deer hunting in many areas, everything is looking much better for this season!

    September 25, 2015 at 11:10pm
    A comment titled: Why attack religion? in response to a report titled: Sunday Hunting

    Scoutfish, our religion should come before anything we do in life, but like i said in a previous post, it is a matter of respecting the ones that attend church on sundays no matter what their religion is. And for safety concerns i would add public parks and recreation fields to the list. I think you and i would agree on that. I'm for sunday hunting on all lands, public or private, just avoid hunting around the above mentioned areas. Like huntingbucks suggested, hunting buffers around these areas could be the solution? The main point of my post was to say be careful, because the anti gun liberals and anti hunting groups are very eager to use anything we do against us. Sometimes we have to be carefull not to fall into their traps even when we think it is for the good of our sport. I know this law will pass, it just has to be respected and followed like all others. Beleive me, i'm a diehard hunter and appreciate our hunting heritage and all the responsibility that comes with it!
    Sorry to hear you can't use a bow, maybe you can try a crossbow until gun season comes in, they are very effective!
    Anyways, good hunting and good fishing!

    April 07, 2013 at 4:26pm
    A comment titled: Nice Catch in response to a report titled: 9lb bass in Johnston county

    That 9 pounder will look great on the wall. Ponds are my favorite to fish and there are some nice ones all along hwy 42. In march the water temp. rises quickly in ponds producing some great bass fishing!

    March 23, 2013 at 8:09am
    A comment titled: Hunting Buffers in response to a report titled: Sunday Hunting

    I agree Huntinbucks, they need a buffer around church's, schools and i would add recreation parks with ballfields also.
    Since they are likely to allow firearms on sundays, does this mean they will allow the use of dogs for deer drives also? Nobody can control where the dogs chase deer. Where the dogs go, the deer/dog hunters will follow.
    When the dogs run the deer into the church building during worship service, that may be the way alot of them good ole boys start going to church on sundays! LOL! The lord does work in mysterious ways!

    March 22, 2013 at 11:13pm
    A comment titled: Hunting Heritage in response to a report titled: Sunday Hunting

    Hunting is our heritage and like you Huntinbucks, my family and i eat what we kill and catch, always have. Hunting for food is my main objective, if i wanted to kill really big bucks, there is other states with much better genetics and hunting regulations that support hunting for big bucks. NC has never really managed for big bucks, but manages to provide hunters the means to fill their freezers with alot of venison and that is good! My concern is the use of firearms around any church on sundays when people will be attending worship services, it is a matter of respect!Icare about our nc hunting heritage and the longterm effects this law may have on it. I've already mentioned what will happen if a church or someone is shot. In the future, this law may result in shorter seasons on most of the wildlife we hunt during the fall/winter seasons. That is not good for any hunter that loves the sport.

    March 20, 2013 at 10:57pm
    A comment titled: Sunday Problems! in response to a report titled: Sunday Hunting

    I have no problems with bows/crossbows being used to hunt deer on sundays and i would ask the state to allow the use of muzzleloaders, but not allow firearms for deer hunting to be used as written in the proposed law. If the state allows deer hunting with all firearms on sundays, it will cause big problems for all hunters down the road. All it will take, is on a sunday, have one church shot into or god forbid a church member(s) be wounded or killed and the anti-hunting activists, gun control activists and the liberal socialist media will come down hard on all hunting and all guns here in North Carolina. If it happens, you can bet our hunting and our guns will have many more restrictive laws placed on them after they have their way in the courts and in the legislature.

    North Carolina already has a very long firearms deer hunting season with liberal harvest limits, so why is it necessary to change it now? A senior nc wildlife resources official has revealed, lobbiest with big $$$ from big hunting retailers, deer hunting outfitters and auto insurance companies joined forces to push this proposed law. In my opinion, this proposed law is a unscene TRAP, give the hunters what they want and then when something bad happens,liberals will use it to restrict and/or take hunting rights and gun rights away. Hunting is a way of life for me and i'm pretty much fine with sunday hunting the way it is. I ask the legislature to vote NO on the sunday hunting bill (as written) currently under consideration.

    March 20, 2013 at 6:20pm
    A comment titled: I Want to Buy One in response to a report titled: Few Calls I finished that will have New Homes Soon

    GT, let me know if you have any Spursuaders for sale, i will buy one! Looks like you have glass and slate, i prefer the slate if you have one. Let me know where to send the money or where i can buy one. Would like to get one asap so i can practice with it before the season starts.

    March 13, 2013 at 7:18pm
    A comment titled: 100% in agreement in response to a report titled: 2013 deer/everything else classic

    Your deer hunting principles are exactly what i practice. I try to hunt land where the pressure is the least and then i don't become the pressure. Unless tracking one, stay out of the woods and cutovers, that is their home (their sanctuary) not mine. I always hunt the fields and the the field edges. Deer will come to the fields if they are not pressured and the groceries are there to eat, which usually means corn, soybeans and peanuts, especially before and after the acorns have come and gone. I leave the scrapes and rubs alone on the field edges, they will work them if not disturbed. Personally, i seldom walk around the edge of a field, i scout them with binos from far away during the summer to see where the are entering and leaving the fields (some fields seem to have deer year in and year out no matter what crops are planted), then i know where to feed corn starting in mid august and where i will hunt them using my climbing stands in bow and muzzleloader seasons. I will always walk directly across a field to the area i hunt, even when i fill my feeders and use my climbing stands. I always use my towers set out in the fields when the gun season comes in.
    I try to hunt with the wind in my face and use scent free clothes at all times, which usually means everyday during the deer season, no matter what the weather conditions are. I have seen some very nice bucks come into the fields or hang along the field edges during terrible weather conditions.
    I kill alot of does during the early part of the season and by mid october, my freezer is full and from then on i'm in my tower stands before dark all the way to dark every evening. The towers are my home away from home for 2 1/2 months, my wife hates it, but she can always call me on the cell if there is an emergency, she knows how much deer hunting means to me! I only kill bucks that i want to mount and i have gone years without killing a buck, but im satisfied knowing i didn't kill a small buck that someday may grow into a real trophy for myself or for someone else to have a chance to kill and mount.
    I have spent so much time on stand, that it has become a way of life for me. Everyday is different and you never know what you will see and that is why i'm out there day in and day out with that burning anticipation that today will be the day that i will kill that giant buck if steps out or just see the same deer i've passed on for the last month for almost everyday or see something totally unexpected. But if i don't see anything, thats ok, because i know i will be there the next day, and that just might be the day i have the chance to kill that giant buck! I'm just so thankfull to be able to experience all that is out there, the wildlife and the outdoors life, it is a true gift from the lord!
    After the season is over i refill all of my mineral sites and work on my towers or install new towers. I don't walk in the woods or cutovers after the season is over, i leave their home alone year round. I do keep the corn flowing on the feeders until the late march green-up, then i let them run out in plenty of time before the turkey season begins. I scout my feeders with binos from jan thru march, i just have to be out there, it's hard to quit cold turkey after the season is over! Thanks JoCo for letting me know i'm not the only one that has the same passion for deer hunting, we are just 5 months away before the season starts again, i can't wait!

    March 10, 2013 at 10:55pm
    A comment titled: Looks like fun! in response to a report titled: Reelin them crappie In

    Good photos, crappie are some fine eating! Glad you and Gracie had a good day on the water, makes me want to go!

    March 10, 2013 at 8:12pm
    A comment titled: JoCo deer in response to a report titled: 2013 deer/everything else classic

    Sounds like you have great farmland to hunt on, especially when you can harvest one that big in on your own property. Are you practicing QDMA or have another deer managemnt plan for your property, if so, for how long?

    March 10, 2013 at 12:28pm
    A comment titled: Big JoCo Buck in response to a report titled: 2013 deer/everything else classic

    JOCO, that is a big buck in the 2nd photo, congrats! When i saw it on display at the DDC i noticed it was killed in Johnston Co and if i remember correctly, in 2002. JoCo is where i live, sure would be nice to see one like that where i hunt in north joco, hopefully it will happen this year! The rack is very symetrical and has good mass. Did he come from the low grounds along the neuse river?

    March 08, 2013 at 7:02pm
    A comment titled: I feel at home in response to a report titled: Dixie Deer Classic

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome from so many of the participants, it is good to be with a group of like minded nc hunting and fishing enthusiasts. I hope i can contribute to the forum whenever possible, there are so many experienced and knowledgable sportsman on here, not sure if i will be able to contribute as much as them, but it will be fun to join in whenever i can. I would like to make this my only outdoor forum, so as long as you will have me, i plan to stay around for a long time!

    March 06, 2013 at 7:59pm
    A comment titled: Dixie Deer Classic in response to a report titled: Dixie Deer Classic

    New to the forum, but have followed your posts on here for awhile and decided to join in, i hope you don't mind having another fellow sportsman contribute to the site. I have lived, hunted and fished in NC my entire 48 years of life. I enjoy the long deer hunting season and all the hunting and fishing options NC has to participate in. I have attended the DDC every year since 1987 and over the years it has become a annual tradition. I look forward to seeing the mounts entered from all across the state and elsewhere, talking to and buying from the vendors, meeting the tv hunting personalities and seeing what is new for deer hunting, i always leave very happy with the show the Wake County Wildlife Club produces.
    With that being said, 3 years ago i began to see more and more non hunting/outdoors related vendors and personalities being allowed to participate. I was disappointed to see a towing company being promoted at a hunting show. I was disappointed to see nobody at the booth of HOFH Tom Miranda (he was highly advertised) and two other icons of deer hunting with traditional long bows, brothers Barry and Gene Wensel (they received no advertising). I walked right up to all three of them on saturday between 10:30 and 11:00 am had good conversation, pictures taken, bought their merchandise and sad to say left without anyone waiting behind me. Walked around the corner and pretty much the same with Pat and Nicole Jones (highly advertised). Walked around the display area for the mounts entered in this years DDC competition at 11:30 and again at 2:30 that afternoon, there was way less mounts entered this year than i have ever seen at the classic. The attendance that morning was great, but was down that afternoon compared to years past. How does evryone feel about the DDC, are they straying away from hunting to much, was it just a off year with the economy-fuel-ammunition or are hunters tired of all the hype that hunting has been subjected to? What changes would you make to the show?

    March 05, 2013 at 11:06pm
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