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  • Good Evening everyone,
    I am a new user on here but have been looking at this website for a long time. I decided tonight to become a member because I read some posts from back in mid Oct about dog hunting. Ladies and gents, please understand that it is the 10% that give us a bad name. My club uses all the meat, including inner loins, we dont shoot bucks under 15 in wide or its a 50 dollar fine, then 2 nd time is 100 plus 2 week ban, then 3 rd time your out. Thats just a few ways we attemt to do the right thing. Rest assured we all still hunt as well. We fo it mostly to hear that sound of the hounds and the comraderee of our friends and family. For those ant dog folks, you better understand that there are still hunters who are doing things that are wrong as well. Please, lets stand together to protect our beloved sport and heritage and together, and only together can we weed out the 10 % from both sides. I hope and pray we will all come together before we end up loosing our right that has been paid for in blood and sacrifice in the defense of our great nation.

    Thank you and happy hunting and good luck to all.

    October 30, 2012 at 9:59pm
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