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  • Dang sounds like a gunfight going on. I have prob heard 200 gunshots in rapid fire in the last 5 minutes, at 6am. They are still shooting. Is this how dog hunters do it?

    November 10, 2012 at 5:16am

    Trying something new here. Live reports get a good following on other forum sites I'm a member of. Lets see how they do here.

    I got set up about an hour ago on this balmy 37 deg morning. I'm set up on a wood line that separates 2 cut corn fields. One is about 20 acres in size the other about 8. So far I have had a spike feed under a oak tree for about 15 minutes. Hopefully big daddy will grow a set and decide he needs some grocerys as well this morning. More to come.

    November 03, 2012 at 6:27am

    im new to the area. Around what time does the rut hit in pender county. I am seeing lots of new scrapes show up, I am trying to time it right to take a few days off to hunt the rut.

    October 12, 2012 at 5:11pm
    A comment titled: Not duck hunting in response to a report titled: Onslow pender county line

    This was a mix of shotguns rifles and hand guns. You could hear the handguns being fired till the mags were empty. It sounded to me like a pissed of homeowner messing with a hunter hunting near their property.

    November 10, 2012 at 10:14am
    A comment titled: Update and evening hunt in response to a report titled: Live from the tree. Pender county

    Well morning hunt was slow saw 5 deer total. I pulled the cards from my cameras on the way out and was pleased to see 2 nice bucks on them. A tall 8 that would score around 115' and a 10 that would score a little over 120 inches. It's nice to know that there are a couple of decent deer using this piece of dirt.

    Afternoon hunt. I got here kinda late. I'm in the same setup as this morning and when I walked to the field edge there was already a deer in the field. That was at around 445. I haven't seen any others since but I have heard 2 gunshots in the past 5 minutes so it sounds like they are starting to move. More to come.

    November 03, 2012 at 4:46pm
    A comment titled: Update in response to a report titled: Live from the tree. Pender county

    13 inch wide 7 pointer just walked almost directly under me and started chasing one of the does. She isn't in estrus yet, he is just a little excited and harassing her.

    On a side note, damn I miss hunting in South Georgia and south west Kentucky. These little field rats here in nc just don't compare.

    November 03, 2012 at 7:27am
    A comment titled: Update in response to a report titled: Live from the tree. Pender county

    3 does feeding along the wood line of the big field. If I had my bow I might have stuck one but I'm still holding out for a buck.

    November 03, 2012 at 7:17am
    A comment titled: Dog hunting in response to a report titled: Dog Running

    Dog hunting to me ruins the sport of hunting deer. People have talked about traditions. Traditionally dogs have been used for rabbit or other small game hunting and what I call gentalmen hunting. Dogs were originally used to hunt down people not medium games such as deer and hogs. There is no sport in using them to hunt. Its just a way for lazy hunters to be even lazier. Some of y'all have been talking about the 10% that give you a bad rap. It's more like the 90% of you that ruin it for the other 10. I personally have never had a good experience with dog hunters. I have had them set up on my fields, walk through them, and even shoot at a deer while I was there. Their excuse, I gotta go where the dogs go. What kinda bs is that. If it was not illegal I would shoot ever fog I saw running deer. I grew up hunting in states where we do it the 'traditional way' still hunting and putting in the time to find the deer and harvest them without the aid of a pack of dogs. You guys will never understand the values of hunting and unfortunately you kids prob never will either. I pray that one day they ban dog hunting all together and bring this sport back the way it should be.

    November 03, 2012 at 7:14am
    A comment titled: im a little extreme in response to a report titled: The extent you go to be scent-free

    I have found that it does make a difference the more you do to control your scent. First and foremost you need to play the wind. It does not mater what you do if you are careless and hunt up wind of the anticipated area. Deer will show up anywhere but if you know the area well you can increase your odds with stand placement and only hunting there when the wind is right.

    A deers nose is incredibly sensitive. Not as sensitive as a dogs but very close. They are capable of breaking down individual odors so cover scents do not work as good as people think. The best way to describe it is that when we smell spagetti sauce we smell the sauce. A deer can smell and seperate the smells of every ingrediant in the sacue. So cover scents do not cover the the scent it just adds one more scent to the mixture.

    Personal scent control is a big deal for me as well. I always shower before a hunt. I normaly use scent destroying soap or unscented anti bacterial soap, I think saint ives makes it. I also use scent free deodorant. I wash my clothes with scent killing detergent or I use All brand free and clear. I hang my clothes outside to dry and put them in an air tight bag once they have dried. Rubber boots are not the end all to foot odor control, it will still seep out of the top of the boots. What they do help with is odor on the ground. Regular boots leave odor with every step. Every time you step down it leaves a little poof of odor as your foot compresses the boot. Rubber boots contain it. However its importaint that you do not wear the boots until you park the truck. I see hunters wear them in gas stations, resurants grabing breakfast and other places and all it does it collectos odors and oils from the ground and leaves them with every step. I normaly wear crocks till I park and then I put my boots on before I walk to the stand. I will also spreay my boots with an odor neutralizing spray just to kill off whatever might be on there. I found these measures to really pay of especialy when I hunt tight areas and bow hunt which is the majority of what I do.

    Like I said I might be a little extreme about it but it really makes a difference especially with the big mature bucks that are very careful with everything they do.

    October 24, 2012 at 6:27pm
    A comment titled: update in response to a report titled: pender county rut

    well I have hunted twice and the bucks are definetly getting worked up. I watched a year and a half old six pointer chase a do all over a corn field for the last 30 min of light. She was not really responding to him but not running him off either. I put a camera up on a scrape and got pictures of bucks and does using it. I have 5 different bucks coming to it as wll as several groups of does. the does are just passing by though not really anything else. It is deffinetly close. I expect the chasing to start here in the next week. Prob not heavy chasing but a few does coming into estrus and full blown rut within two weeks based on what I have seen.

    October 23, 2012 at 7:51pm
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