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  • My buddy called me on December 30th and asked if I would join him on an evening hunt. I was sick for the past week (probably from hunting in the rain and cold) and wasn't feeling up to it, but there were only 3 days left of the season and decided to go anyway. I climbed a tree in a small strip of woods, about 50 yards off of a paved road, right near a spot where I saw a few does and a big 8 point cross early one morning in front of the truck. I figured with it being late in the season (and WMA land at that) I would have to try hunting where nobody else thought to hunt. The small 250X100 yard block of woods was surrounded by paved and/or dirt roads on all four sides. However, it was dense with brush and there seemed to be plenty of green for the deer to gravitate towards. After an hour in the stand, hope was dwindling between all of the traffic noise and a few uncontrollable coughs that I tried desperately to hide. I thought that I'd be lucky to see a doe, let alone a decent buck during daylight hours, but about a quarter after 5:00 I was able to hear footsteps over the passing cars. I noticed a deer creeping through a big patch of briars and tall grass, and then I saw his rack. I only had seconds and didn't even count his points, as he was on a steady pace and I had only a few small clearings to shoot through. I quickly put him in my Leupold 50mm scope, squeezed the accu-trigger on my Savage 30-06 and watched him pile up about 25 yards away. Still in shock, I ran over to see if he was the big 8. Well, needless to say, I got myself a cure for the late season/flu season blues...a 170lb 10 point that found a sanctuary in the most unlikely place.

    January 02, 2015 at 2:23pm
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