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  • Hey everyone. I'm sitting back looking at all the post and found this one most interesting to me and looks like its interesting to some others. There is nothing I like to do more than sit about 25ft up a tree with Bow, Muzzle Loader, or Rifle. I do start in September and do not stop until January, end of Deer season, that what I do, it's my passion. I do go to Church, I do believe in God, that's not the topic today. Sunday hunting should be a choice we all should be able to make. I find it very hard to understand for the reasoning why we can't gun hunt on Sundays. My findings are that the Deer here in the South are adapted to the hunter, they figure us out. This time of year in most cases they get very nocturnal very hard to hunt. Sunday hunting with gun would make that 30yrd shot with Bow more like 130yrd shot with gun especially the hard to hunt deer. I do believe if we stand all together on this issue it will happen in the near future. For me if it happens, I will still go to Church Sunday morning and will stay closer to God the rest of the afternoon and evening about 25ft up a tree. That's just my feeling on the topic. Hope all has had a good season. God Bless.

    December 20, 2013 at 12:26pm

    Well to tell you all I have been hanging my head in shame the past few months. I started chatting with you all back in the past 2012 deer season. Showing some of the Whitetail deer I have been lucky enough to put on my wall over the years, also showing some still walking. Normally I'm a closed mouth person, don't like to show off my stuff or brag, if you know what I mean. I think over the years that I have been deer hunting, I have only showed a handful of people my what I call trophy's on my wall. I set out last season as I do every year hunting mostly in Granville County. I get my sights on a big one, either seen by scouting or camera. Then the hunt is on. I will not shoot anything but that deer, of course if one bigger happens to arrive, that is no brainier. I hunted all season's for this one deer, let some real nice ones walk. This deer was very nocturnal, he would show up only in the dark. He would be there well before shooting light, 15 minutes before my shooting time would allow. He showed up once in archery, once in muzzle, and once in rifle, all times way to dark and always in the morning. This is a very low pressure piece of land. I knew I was close to the bed. I hunted this spot only when the wind was right and not to often. One day I decided to hunt a small piece on the other side of the road, have permission for that land also. It was the day after Thanksgiving, sitting in a ground blind overlooking a cotton field. Here is where it starts to work on me. About 2:30pm after sitting all day. I see a deer running to my left about 150 yds heading accost the middle of this cotton field. The deer was not from what I could tell the one I was hunting all season, but this deer had a real big rack, real high points and a lot of them. He was about 100 yds running, fired 308, missed, fired again, missed, I could not believe I missed. The cotton field was snow white, there was no blood. I searched for the rest of the evening, came back the next morning, nothing. I can remember the 2nd shot he picked up the pace a bit, running harder more flat out. Here is the clincher. About a month ago I was scouting that land and found the buck. It looked like he hit the woods and took a hard left rather than straight in the thick stuff, about 250 yds. The deer is a 11 point, very nice deer. When I found that deer I had/have so much remorse, why did I not look harder. Still to this day it haunts me. I need to either get my eyes checked, get a back up to help look for blood, and defiantly shoot more to build my confidence back. Sorry for my pity potty, it helps me to get this stuff off me. I did see where a bunch of you guy's put some very nice deer on the ground, Congratulations. Looking forward for a new season, thanks for this site being available to give me the opportunity to vent. God Bless....

    April 25, 2013 at 10:05am

    Good morning to you all. I do not mess with Facebook or know anything about YouTube, so it does not look like I will post any video's. I do thank you for letting me know how it is done. I will just share some pic's, that's good enough for me. Tell you all the truth it took me since 2004 just to post to the NC Sportsman. I'm just one of the guy's that sit back and look at and read your posts. I do take some of your knowledge that you all share and apply to some of my hunts. I'm far from a expert on whitetail hunting, but I can assure you all I put my heart and sole into the hunt. I can tell you that I like to hunt the old fashion way. I like very much to scout, find where the deer are moving, find the big rubs and scrapes, put a plan together and hunt. I have never used a camera until I moved to NC. I have never feed deer anything, always hunted food source. The camera's, the feeding, get me all screwed up. We can all count our chickens before they are hatched, meaning that now we seen him on camera it will be easy, that is Bull Crap. I had a nice one on camera last year, had him on the wall opening day, NOT. I hunted almost every day, at least every chance I had, that deer went nocturnal, he would not come near food or camera in daylight. Well,I will share with you, I moved away from camera , deeper in woods, I called it my staging area or should I say his. On November 28th 3:00pm, on a real crappy day, raining very hard, wondering why I was up in tree and not down in ground blind, he showed up. By the way that was the first deer I shot, I missed my opportunity prior, my own fault. That is just a example on the rewards that I get out of hunting. The feeling when you get down out of climber, look at that deer on the ground, it's overwhelming sometimes, brings tears to me eyes. Yup, a 54 year old guy being that thankful, that blessed, that he tears up, man I love that feeling. Tell you guy's it gives me goose bumps talking about it. If you never had that feeling, I pray you do. I believe that some of this chatter and hype can get us off track. I think our ego's gets involved, I have seen my own for sure. Focus on why do we go to so many extremes to hunt, thank God we can. Thank God for every day you get out there whether you squeeze that trigger or not, just hunt like you mean it. God Bless.

    October 12, 2012 at 6:54am

    I have tried to post video's without and luck. Can anyone give me any suggestions?

    October 11, 2012 at 2:01pm

    The time is near. Some of the big boys are getting a little frisky. They also are only showing there heads at night. The only good thing is, that when in a tree stand I have been seeing a bunch of doe's, you all know what happens soon. I have been trying to put one on the wall with the Barnett Crossbow, Quad AVI 400 awesome bow, I guess just to say that I did. I have been seeing a bunch of big rubs, these are the biggest I have seen here in NC since I moved here in 2004. Also a bunch of very large scrapes, bigger that usual. I'm starting not to sleep well and neck is getting fatter, must be the rut is very near. As you all can see I love to hunt, or should I say I livetohuntnc!!! My Wife thinks that I'm nuts, she could be right. By the way they are falling from the oaks fairly well right now, that's where you probably will find me, 25ft up. Best of luck to you all. Thank you for the warm welcome.

    October 10, 2012 at 5:54am

    I'm new to this site, looks like some of the big boy's are starting to get on their feet. Looking forward to seeing more nice ones off their feet.

    October 05, 2012 at 12:03pm
    A comment titled: Re: Granville county 12ptr in response to a report titled: Granville county 12ptr

    Very nice, much congrats. Unless that buck has a twin he was on my hit list also. The only thing I can see with your picture is the brows are bigger on your buck, man he is nice. Can you give a hint of what part of Granville county he was killed? This will help me greatly. I will hunt the number two buck on my hit list. Again what a fine deer. The look on your face is priceless. Have a blessed day.

    November 13, 2018 at 7:57am
    A comment titled: Re: Monster 8 Point in response to a report titled: Monster 8 Point

    My friend that is a great deer. You know, if only others would have the same values that you stated in your story, we would live in a much different world today. I totally believe in that statement 100%. The smile on your face is priceless. Anyone that follows His beliefs, the rewards are great. You never know just what will walk under your stand, that smile, the story, the words. I say this due to my values are 100% the same as our friend holding that awesome 8 point P&Y Whitetail. Congrats my friend, you have touched another heart with your story. Carrying God's message is what we do. God Bless you.

    (I try to do it all for the glory of God,” said Poole. “If He gives me the platform where I’m a hunter, it gives me the opportunity to tell people what God has done in my life.”) Very well said. Get back out there and get another.

    October 11, 2017 at 11:47am
    A comment titled: Re: 200 lb buck in response to a report titled: 200 lb buck

    Very nice buck, congrats. How about the one in the back round, see it has some horns too.

    September 28, 2017 at 6:51am
    A comment titled: Re: Central NC bow kill in response to a report titled: Central NC bow kill

    Very well done. I really like to see hunters let them grow. The feeling when the big boys get out in front of us is priceless, congrats my friend. That smile says it all! What county was the harvest? Have a blessed day.

    September 26, 2017 at 8:32am
    A comment titled: NC Rut is very near in response to a report titled: central rut

    Hi ya all, that's my Yankee Southern talk. The big boys are getting ready to show off their stuff. I have seen this happening for the past 3 or 4 years now. This week that is approaching is when you need to be in the tree or blind, pack your lunch. I had Tuesday eve a real nice one come out in field, 5:15pm, safety off twice, could not be sure he would make the requirements for the wall, for sure he had my heart pumping. He was showing the girls that he was ready. This buck was checking each doe, pushing all his weight around. The doe's would pee, he would run up to the spot, about go crazy and check another. In the past 3 years, Thanksgiving week has been where they loose there wits. Also by the look of most of the roads they are not shy of walking out in front of cars either. The time is right, good luck to all, getchyaabigen. There I go again, northern chat, just can't help it. Good luck and God Bless.

    November 15, 2012 at 8:16am
    A comment titled: My solution in response to a report titled: After you view, help us all

    Sometimes I wonder what is the next guy doing that I'm not. Why are these guys and gal's seeing big deer and I'm not. I do find myself getting all wrapped up in the hipe of harvesting a large deer. I find myself with envious feelings when I see a big deer that someone else has taken, why not me? I will tell you all this, when I get these feeling's like these, I'm missing the mark by a long shot. I get much pleasure seeing a youngster's face when he or she gets a deer on the ground for the first time. When I first started hunting there were no ladies hunting, was unheard of. Today I see women hunting with that same smile,and tears of joy that I have had with a deer in their hands. That is awesome to me. Only if my Wife would hunt. I would surely set her up in all my so called good spots, just so she could get that feeling that I have had and still get. Feel for others as you would feel for yourself, the rewards are plenty full. The solution for seeing deer, knowing when the activity is turning up, finding rubs and scrapes is to get out there and see it first hand. Congratulate someone on the deer they harvested, it may be their first or their last, just pull it from your heart. I think we as hunters have the same passion. The quest to get the big one, or just get one, whatever the case just get out there. There is no wasted time out in the woods, be great full that we can. Always remember one thing, we get to see God's gifts, rewards, deer. Be great full even if you go home empty handed. Spend as much time in the field as you can, it's your choice. God Bless, best of luck to you all....

    October 23, 2012 at 7:59am
    A comment titled: We all screw up. in response to a report titled: Strike 3!!! I might be OUT!!! Goofed up again!!

    Hey buddy, crap happens. Fixed blades, mechanical blades, whatever. I have seen a 12 gauge slug, and a 308 180 gr take them down hard, only to find that he was able to get up and run, never to be found. The most important part is that you put 110% in looking, the recovery, don't give up to early. Look at it this way, if he is dead, there are many critters that will dispose of him, even the mice will have a feast. Man, we all do it, for sure I can tell you I did. Kept me awake many nights. I find it amazing how the desire to get that big buck skews our ability to think straight more often than not. Concentrate on shot placement, squeeze softly, and pray for a quick recovery. Get in a tree and hunt, your next trophy is on its way.

    October 15, 2012 at 6:58am
    A comment titled: He had a nice neck in response to a report titled: Posting Video's

    He is on the wall, he became a hard deer to hunt. He never figured I'd be there in pouring rain, hehe that's why they sell rain suits. Dropped the hammer on him, Rem 308 the rest is memories.

    October 12, 2012 at 9:15am
    A comment titled: No question, squeeze in response to a report titled: Whats your Opinion on this Guy????

    Yes Sir buddy, I really get worked up on inside spread at 20' or over. He will make a nice mount. All I could suggest is do a mount that will show the stickers. I did a mount last year called Busted, turned out great. Good luck, keep us updated. A score is only a piece of paper, a trophy is in the eye of the hunter.

    October 11, 2012 at 7:29am
    A comment titled: Nice Deer. in response to a report titled: Well Look Who I Found!!!

    Well I'm going to comment on my option only. You all know that feeling when a nice buck gets in front of you, heart gets racing, eyes locked on that rack, just a overwhelming want. When a buck like that runs in on me or walks in, that's the feeling I get, that is why I hunt. That feeling of nothing but that buck is in my head. That uncontrollable heart beat, that desire to get my hands on his rack, no matter what score he adds up. I tell you, I get that same feeling when I shoot a nice doe, no deductions, score of zero. I pray that the feeling I'm talking about will never go away, that's why I hunt. I sometime sit in my trophy room, as my Wife calls it, and reminisce of the deer on the wall. I can remember every hunt, the feeling and the emotions after squeezing that trigger. I do not regret shooting any of them. My friend, I will say it like this, you have a very nice looking buck on that camera. If your a hunter like me, put him on the wall. You will have a ever lasting hunt that you can look at every day if you like. I have some 100's on the wall that made my heart jump, just like I stated above. Thank you for letting us see your buck, he is a very nice one. If I was ever lucky enough to have him in range, I would put him on the wall with the rest. God Bless.

    October 11, 2012 at 5:34am
    A comment titled: Funny AVI's in response to a report titled: The time is near

    Mama is not happy , no one is happy

    October 10, 2012 at 12:13pm
    A comment titled: Trying to see if this works funny in response to a report titled: The time is near

    MaMa is not happy, either is the youngin.

    October 10, 2012 at 12:02pm
    A comment titled: Some more Pi's in response to a report titled: The time is near

    Yes the obsession is overwhelming. The only problem is I don't see it. Here is a couple more pic's of some others that have been visiting that area. The dates on camera are messed up but they are all this season. The one I'm really interested in, I have only seen him once on camera. The video is very dark, but he is a big one. Much bigger that these pic's, much wider and taller, very nice rack, at least a 10 just not sure. I do think I know where he is bedding, just not sure of that either. It is killing me to stay away but I don't want to bump him out, you all know what happens when they get seeing us to often. I think he is bedding about 200 yds away from where these pic's are taken. I will get in there early Muzzle loader season, yes opening day, then just hope for some luck. This buck has walked in on me 3 times 6:15am. He stays about a minute, then walks off. I can make out it is him, just on body size, very big body. Looks like the weekend is best for deer activity, Sunday and Monday look really promising. Have a good day.

    October 10, 2012 at 10:53am
    A comment titled: Yes sir, I love to see the ladies putting them on the ground. in response to a report titled: New to site

    Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to posting some pic's this year along with some of the older previous years. Take care, have a great day, I'm heading to the woods.

    October 05, 2012 at 1:00pm
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