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  • 5-23-2011 / Water temp: 70 / wind 5 kts / hazy early to sun / 85 degrees / stable high pressure

    Ran a fishing guide on Lake Fontana NC with a group from Wisconsin for a ¾ day. Started on long secondary points near the S curves, up the Little Tennessee. The shad spawn should be in full swing. No shad or fish seen. Checked back of creeks for bass fry and shad schools with no luck. Found fish on main lake with two patterns. Good largemouth were positioned near freshwater under trees and taken with worms. Found good population of smallmouth suspended by bluffs. ¼ oz Bucktail jigs with trailers and 1/8 oz. grubs produced 5-7 smallmouth by fishing the drop.

    Tip: The shad spawn starts to happen when the water temperature reaches 70 degrees. The shad schools spread their eggs on hard surfaces such as clay points, black plastic, docks, and sometimes bluffs. Often these fish will be shallow and flipping on the surface near deep water. A sure fire way to know when the shad spawn happens is when you see shad fallowing your spinner-bait back to the bait. Look for isolated rocks and trees. Spinner baits rule this time of year. Later in the afternoon it often pays to throw square billed crank-baits. A tandem rig of two plastic jerk-baits rigged with a short leader and a swivel works great when shad are flickering on the surface.

    May 24, 2011 at 9:22am

    Water temp 69-70 / cold and dodging rain / 15 plus NW wind / cloudy / temp 60 degrees

    The striped bass and blue back herring have completely moved from Beaver Dam creek from the day before. Seached to the South side of Anderson island and found a few fish creek between T1 and T3. Fish were busting shallow w/ no bait seen. Caught one nice fish 17 plus over 110 foot in middle of creek channel. Next moved to Souther tip of Anderson Island next to S1. Good school would surface every 10 minutes or so. Managed 3-5 fish with a few good largemouth mixed in. Later found fish up small pocket near broyles landing. Had good action for about 25 minutes putting about 10 in the boat. Ended the day with about 15 stripers.

    Fishing Tip: Fish have been coming up and busting good anywhere from Anderson island to the dam, with some schools the size of football fields seen. Have a topwater plug – Sammy – for hair jig ready.

    May 19, 2011 at 8:41am

    5-16-2010 / water temp 69 / Cloudy / 10-15 kts wind / cold 58-60 degrees / west wind

    Found great bait early near the mouth of Beaverdam creek with a few fish breaking surface. Caught 5-6 stripers on BBs at 30 feet down over 50 foot of water. All fish were good 8 pounds. When bite died looked on points with no fish seen or marked. Marked a few fish on flat just to the North of Anderson Island but would no bite. There is great bait up 6 and 20 creek at the mouth of several coves just past I-40 bridge. Fish busting surface surfaced quickly then would go down. Fished a 1/2 day so called it a day.

    There has been a great bite from large striped bass lately on Lake Hartwell SC. Book now for a chance to see one UP-CLOSE…

    Up-Close Outfitters

    May 19, 2011 at 8:39am

    5-11-2011 / 85 degrees / water temp 69-70 / calm winds early increasing to 20 kts / sunny / storms moving in over night

    Fished with Mike, Jeff, and Mark from Atlanta today. Fish have moved off of the points near bedding areas and were positioned closer to the beds. Found fish on shady banks from the back of creeks to 2/3 of the way out. Majority of the bass were on fine to chunk rock banks with timber mixed in. With the sunny hot calm day the shade became a big player. All fish on these banks were caught on finesse worms and bush hogs. The bush hogs seem to shine with the craw bite still going strong.

    The shad are starting to move up the rivers and coming to the surface. Some schooling actions seen as the shad prepare to spawn. Saw the first bass fry cloud today in the back of a creek and of course a nice bass was just under. Tip:Toss a brim colored jig into the fry cloud and hang on. Great pattern for good bass. Later found some good smallmouth on main lake humps with ledges. Dragging 1/4 oz jigs with zoom chunk trailers produced several nice fish. No fish caught on points.

    May 13, 2011 at 7:51am

    May 5th / water temp 63 rising to 67 / air temp 35 rising to 66 / no wind / sunny / day after biggest cold front of the season

    Fished with Bryce, Dan, and Mark from Atlanta today. Started by railroad near Almond boat ramp with no bites. Had one walleye bite on train bridge in about 30 foot on Rapalla swim jig. With severe cold front that moved through figured the bass were going to be a bit finicky today. Found fish positioned on major secondary points near spawning areas. Started catching a few fish on drop-shot, Strike King series 3 crank baits, and zoom bush hogs. Several nice smallmouth mixed in. Started to narrow down that transitions with large flat rocks and pea gravel were holding bass with the combination of the two producing great. Managed a dozen or so. Fish seemed to be focusing on craw patters well today and managed the biggest fish on a jig.

    Visit our site to learn more on Fontana lake fishing w/ Up-Close Outfitters

    May 13, 2011 at 7:46am

    March 22 / Air temp 60 / surface temp 54 rising to 58 by afternoon / no wind picking up to 25 kts

    Fished a full day bass / trout combination today with another guide from Wisconsin down on vacation in Hendersonville. We tried for trout early with no luck. Trolled Horse pasture while marking bait at 80 feet near split of Bear camp creek. Lots of bait marked deep. Trout have been real tough lately. We switched to smallmouth fishing after a few hours. Found decent bite on docks down towards main lake up the Whitewater River. Fish were suspended over 50 foot of water at about 15 feet down. Fished small tubes and shaky heads counting down. All strikes came on loose line. Bite died off after about 2 hours (about the time the wind really started blowing). Managed a couple nice smallies on this pattern. No takers on points or hard baits. Fred seemed real happy with the day and we both learned a bit about the different fisheries between NC and Wis. Did see a paired set of bucks and female spawing under docks in 10 foot of water.

    Fishing Guide Fred Poss with SE smallmouth
    Fishing Tip: As the water temp nears 58 degrees the bigger females of the lake will come up to spawn. With the next full moon you better bet on being on the lake for the best chance to catch the lunker of the year. Especially on Jocassee.

    Up-close Outfitters
    Capt. Frank ASkew

    March 30, 2011 at 4:18am

    March 28th / water temp 54 / air temp 50 / wind 15-20 kts / cloudy becoming partly cloudy / front moving in and just after lots of rain

    Scouted for turkeys today and fished for smallmouth for about 2 hours. Turkey hunting is just around the corner and all our flocks are making real good sign. Check out our lake combination trip for the ultimate fishing – hunting trip. Fished for a few hours after scouting and had a real good pattern going. Found some big smallmouth on the end of tapering points 1/3 of the way in creeks. Slow rolled big spinner-baits with colorado blades at 15 feet down over 25 foot of water to produce 4 fish all around 3 pounds.

    Tip: The three best patterns for March on clear mountain lakes.
    1: tube baits under deep water docks. Let fall to 50 foot then repeat, bites will be on fall.
    2: large colorado spinnerbaits slow rolled over long tapering points. Look for points near main lake but in the first 1/3 of creeks.
    3: suspending jerkbaits near bluffs, channel swings and secondary points.

    Up-Close Outfitters
    Capt. Frank Askew

    March 29, 2011 at 12:54pm

    Posted 1/24/2011| 0 comments | Tags 'fishing, charters, guides', hartwell

    1-22-11 / Water temp 38 North of Franks Marina (Tug) / 43 Beaverdam and main lake / 42 degrees air / 10 -15 kts wind / sunny / full moon /

    Ran stripers today. The water is real cold and the fish are extremely slugish. Started at the mouth of Choestoea Creek and Little Choestoea Creek up the Tugaloo River. Found piles of fish and birds all working the flat leading into Choestoea Creek. Marked solid arcs for 300 yards back into the creeks, no bait was ever marked. Sat on the fish for most of the day. We tried jigging, drop-shot, live trout and Gizzards, and unbrella rigs with no takers. With the water being below 40 degrees it is always extremely tough to get bit. Stuck around till 2:30 hoping for the water to warm and the fish to turn on. Finally decided to find warmer water. (It was tough to leave that many fish). Checked a few areas on the way to Beaverdam Creek. Found good bait just inside Beaverdam creek. Trolled Gizzards and Trout on Planer Boards. Fished for 45 minutes with one good fish. The water was 43 degrees in Beaverdam which is 7 degrees warmer. There were not near as many fish there but we had the warmer water which produced a bite.

    Stirper Fishing Tip: 42 degrees is the magic number to get bites on. You can get bit colder but we have found that the 42-44 is about the coldest to really get a good bite going. This time of year the bigger fish are shallow feeding on small Threadfins. You might mark more fish on a flat in 40 foot but your (bigger) bites will come on the top. Use a planer board to keep the bait moving towards the top.

    January 26, 2011 at 11:17am

    Water temp 44 / air temp 45 / calm winds am 12-20 kts afternoon / partly cloudy

    Ran a guide today on lake Hartwell for stiped bass. Headed N up the Senica River. Picked up the clients around 11:00am and started looking for bait around Camp Creek. Checked several places on the way up North. Fish have completely moved out of Red Banks area. The next stop is always just before West Cherry Road on large flat. Found tons of bait and birds spread throughout often on the outside edges along the drop offs leading into the larger flat. Marked lots of fish and bait mixed throughout the underwater channel running N to S in the middle of the flat. Sat here all day. Fishing was real slow in the AM with absolutely no wind. Caught 2 or 3 in the calm wind. Around 3 pm the wind picked up and we began catching more. Jigged 1 1/2 oz and 1 oz jigging spoons to produce about 15 stripers. Several pushing 10 pounds and greater.

    Fishing with Up-Close Outfitters
    Tip: Once fish are found sit on them for a while. Sometimes it only takes a little change in wind or clouds to turn them on. Stripers often only feed for a few hours a day in the winter months so wait for the magic hour.

    January 26, 2011 at 11:15am
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