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  • This past Saturday was a day I'll never forget. I finally was in my stand at 6am to try my luck at 'The Big One'. Since I don't have private land to hunt I have resorted to hunting Game Lands like a good portion of us. The morning was very slow. I didn't see or hear a single deer. I left out about noon to grab some lunch and take care of nature's 'dootie'. On the way back to the truck, I spooked up two doe within 15 feet of my truck. I guess I could have just sat in the truck nice and warm and seen more deer than I did freezing up in a tree.

    After lunch, I headed back out to the woods to a good rub and scrape line that I hunted once earlier in the season. The path was so beaten down that it may as well have been I-540 for the deer. I was in a tree just over the path with two great shooting lanes, one on the right and one on the left. I sat for quite some time without seeing anything. I really thought it was going to be a repeat of my unproductive morning.

    Shortly there after, I was joined in the woods by three extremely annoying squirrels. They were scurrying around in the leaves on the ground creating a huge racket. They were making so much noise that I couldn't distinguish it from anything else. It was so bad that I seriously considered sending them to squirrel heaven with my .270. To make my day even better, it started to 'flurry' according to the weather reports. The 'flurries' amounted to 2 inches of beautiful white 'snow'. I was already cold and annoyed by my new squirrel 'buddies'.

    Long story short - I was irritated with the squirrels, cold and now getting wet from the 'flurries'. About 3:30pm, the squirrels starting acting up again just behind my stand. In frustration, I carelessly whipped my head around to glare at them once more and noticed a huge bodied deer standing no more than 5 feet from my stand. About the same time that my mind registered that I was staring at a great deer, I heard a buck blow and stomp his hoof. Within seconds the forest floor errupted with white tails dashing off in every direction. There must have been 15 deer grazing just behind my stand in the woods. It was an amazing sight! I hung my head in disbelief. What a missed opportunity! I never had a chance to see if they were does or bucks or even get a good count. They took off so fast. Thanks to my good squirrel buddies, I hadn't heard the deer approaching behind me. Thanks Squirrels!

    Has anyone had a similar experience or seen such a large herd in one spot in Wake County this late in the season?

    December 06, 2010 at 8:25pm
    A comment titled: Great question in response to a report titled: How Long to sit in a stand

    This is a question I have wonderd my self. I know that depending on the time of the year, and the moon phase along with the rut etc. etc. makes the best time to hunt, but when has everyone been seeing the best times lately?!?

    I know it's a open-end question, but I have hunted in the past with buddies and have recently picked up the sport in the past 2 years as hard core as they come and this is a question that I ponder alot in the stand.

    October 20, 2011 at 9:45pm
    A comment titled: Early Christmas in response to a report titled: 10 point - Chatham County

    All I can say is...WOW...AWESOME deer. What an early Christmas present!

    December 09, 2010 at 8:07pm
    A comment titled: Thanks for the knowledge. in response to a report titled: I hate squirrels!

    It's great to hear some tips of the sport from some veterans. I never thought of using the squirrles as a tool for hunting deer...that shows my inexperience of hunting as i am just picking the sport back up.

    I'll have to let ya'll know how this Saturday turns out.

    December 09, 2010 at 7:50pm
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