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  • Only 2 more days until Duck season re-opens! It seems like a month since the first split closed and we can’t wait to get back in the blind, although we have been smacking the fish pretty darn good, theres only one thing to fill a waterfowlers void! We had a GREAT first split of the season with our clients and some fantastic hunts, but the second split always is better! The last few weeks as I’ve been running around fishing I’ve seen some large numbers of birds, mostly grays, which I didn’t see early in the season and we definitely are now getting the large influx of birds from up the flyway. We have plenty openings for the remainder of the season which runs until January 22nd, and if fishing is more your speed NOW is the time to catch the big numbers of trout very close to the dock! Whether you’d like to book a duck hunt, or a full day “Cast and Blast”, give us a call!
    Please check out our website at and CALL NOW at 504-427-4973! We have a few gift certificates left for the perfect Christmas gift for your outdoor enthusiast!

    December 15, 2016 at 7:05pm

    First Split Wrap-up!!! We had an extremely productive first split of this years duck season with limits shot in our blinds all but 5 days! We had a large concentration of birds considering the extreme mild winter we have had lately, but luckily we have the right feed for the birds to make our leases home. The first split wrapped up last weekend and we cant wait for the second split opener which opens THIS Saturday, and the birds are THICK! The first split the big duck numbers were a bit down, which made for a lot of Teal smackdowns which are fast and action packed hunts. The big ducks did provide us with some great hunts with limits of Grays when the weather was right, but all in all the action was fantastic all of November. The second split is always more consistent for us as we have larger concentrations of birds than early in the season, theres a lot less hunters which allows the birds to work better, and we have stronger cold fronts and more northerly winds which groups our ducks up for us. The cold front that came through Wednesday night pushed a large number of birds down and we are finally seeing large rafts of big ducks, the Teal are even thicker, and we couldn’t be set up better for the second split next Saturday! We have all the way until January 22 to hunt this year and we are extremely excited to get into the best hunting time of the season. I have plenty openings for the second split and lots of ducks, so don’t hesitate to call!
    On the fishing side, today we targeted Redfish and one stop is all it took. The fishing has been absolutely great in Delacroix this winter, the trout showed up the last few weeks and when the weather is right the numbers hit the ice chest pretty easily. The redfish are definitely starting their winter pattern of schooling up wherever theres bait and absolutely gorging themselves, and when we provide that bait, its insane! We have had some of the best trips of the entire year in the month of November, and it will only get better!
    We have plenty openings for a Duck hunt, a fishing trip, or a full day “Cast and Blast”, which is OUR specialty! Don’t forget to grab a special “Cast and Blast Charters” gift certificate for a GREAT Christmas gift to anyone who enjoys the outdoors. We offer first class lodging waterfront on beautiful Bayou Terre Beoufs and only footsteps from our boats. Don’t miss out on this time of year guys, this is THE time to hunt! Please visit our website at or CALL NOW at 504-427-4973 and email me at to enquire about Gift Certificates!

    December 10, 2016 at 9:05pm
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