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  • Anyone have any advice on how to successfully trap hogs in an area with high bear populations? We fortunately do not have a lot of hogs now but they are starting to show up again and are doing extensive damage to corn plantings this spring. I have several type traps out and the bears are destoying all of them every night. Sometimes three or four bears at a time. The flap type traps they turn over to get to the small amount of corn underneath. Seven foot tall dog pen style traps they climb over after getting trapped inside and either crush the sides or turn the whole thing over. The hog panel and T post traps they just stomp on them to get in and out of. I tried the soured corn trick and I honestly think that the bears love that better than the hogs do. I suspect that the number of bears I have is limiting the number of hogs but they are both making it hard to farm and do all the wildlife management we have ongoing at the farm.

    May 12, 2011 at 4:36pm
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