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  • captain mike 910-619-8509 The fall season is amoung us and the fishing is in full swing!Large numbers of big trout around the creeks and inlets are feeding on small mullet and glass minnows.The soft plastics and TT18 seem to be producing the bigger fish.Along with the trout there are flounder in the deep holes in the creeks and inlets.Ive been doing the best on new penny shrimp in the 4 inch size.The reds slowed some last week but are now starting to pic up in the creek mouths and in the icw docks.There are also lots of albacore on the beach if we can ever get the wind to lay down to get to them.Small spoons casting and trolling daisy chains worked best for me the last day i was able to get to them, remember to take a kid fishing this fall! http://www.wrightsville beach fishing

    October 12, 2011 at 12:00pm

    wrightsville beach fishing charters mike captain 910-619-8509 The weather is cooling off and the fish migration is on! The bonita are on the beach thick,along with small schools of tarpon.I think the king bite is dead for the year.Inshore the flounder,trout and reds begin to school up thick to get in there fall feeding frenzy.remember to TAKE A KID FISHING!

    September 15, 2011 at 7:08pm

    wrightsville beach fishing charters Captain MIKE910-619-8509 Hope everone made it through the storm ok!Lets talk fishing! The only good things that come from the late year storms is it flushes out all the junk that was left from summer and drives the trout in!!!The specks have shown up big time with some hogs in the mix.3 to 5 pounds are not uncommon!Red fish are still feeding on the docks and grass lines on the ICW along with the flounder.Offshore the sailfish and mahi have moved in closer around 10-15 mile range.We are also catching hugh spanish on topwater on some of the offshore ledges.The yellow butterflys are out, going to be a early fall.TAKE A KID FISHING!topsail beach fishing charters

    August 31, 2011 at 8:00am

    coronadaze charters CAPTAIN MIKE 910-619-8509 .The wind is my friend,ever notice on the dead calm days the fishing is not as good as the windy ones? Today was one of those days.With the windy picking up ,so did the bite.Ive had my eye on some hugh cobia right off the beach but they wouldn t eat nothing!Today though, we saw 8 and caught 7 in the25-50lb range and had 6 kings within 5 miles 15-20 lbs.I think the rest of the week will be the same,theres plenty of bait on the beach and a few blue crabs wouldn t hurt either..hint hint…

    June 08, 2011 at 10:22am

    wrightsville beach fishing charter captain mike 910-619-8509 Up and down the coast the fishing has been great.Inshore ,hugh reds are running the marsh along with the flounder.Early morning trout on topwater has beed good durning the week and not so hot on the weekends.Offshore the spanish and blues are thick as mud from topsail to carolina beach.Spoons and daisy chains are making them hungry.Further off, the kings are 18 to 25 miles off along with the mahi.Live bait isnt working for me but the frozen baits skippin the top has got the fish up and feeding…TAKE A KID FISHING!!

    June 07, 2011 at 9:56am

    wrightsville beach fishing charter captain mike 910-619-8509 Up and down the coast the fishing has been great.Inshore ,hugh reds are running the marsh along with the flounder.Early morning trout on topwater has beed good durning the week and not so hot on the weekends.Offshore the spanish and blues are thick as mud from topsail to carolina beach.Spoons and daisy chains are making them hungry.Further off, the kings are 18 to 25 miles off along with the mahi.Live bait isnt working for me but the frozen baits skippin the top has got the fish up and feeding…TAKE A KID FISHING!!

    June 07, 2011 at 9:50am captain mike 910-619-8509 The fishing in the wrightsville and topsail beach areas has been great the past few weeks.The blues,spanish,bonita are on the beach ,along with spring kings and cobia within a few miles.There is tons of bait inside and outside around the inlets.Inside, the reds are still hammering livebait and soft plastics with 24-34 in fish very common.There are trout around in the am and flounder on the jetties and creek mouths.Remember TAKE A KID FISHING!

    May 06, 2011 at 1:27pm captain mike 910-619-8509 Today i had some guys come in from raleigh and wanted to fish, so i told them i was game if they were.We left out of surf city and ran to a few creeks.Just as i said in my last blog, the trout were all over the mouths of the creeks.Most of them were15-16 in schoolers but had a few in the 18in range.I think they will stick around these areas for a while with more rain coming.See how good the fishing can be with no nets being dropped on you?

    March 30, 2011 at 11:54am

    Captain mike 910-619-8509 The rain has set in for a few days but the the reds continue to bite.Just about every creek ive hit this week has schools of reds from 15-28 in fish hanging around the oyster bars.If you look real close there are mullets showing up at the base of these bars and reds are chewin!Storm baits ,jerkbaits, plastics with a slow action playin the current will catchem.A few more trout have been moving there also with fresh water pushing them out of the creeks. Also the NE cape fear and sutton lake is full of spawning bass. Lots of 5-6 lb fish have moved up in the 1st, 2nd and 7th lake.FIND A LOG ,,CATCH A FISH.Most of the ones we caught were on zoom lizards, bitsy jigs, green pumpkin french fry worms.You gotta check it out.TAKE A KID FISHING!!

    March 28, 2011 at 12:37pm

    Captain Mike's Log
    Skip to contentCorona Daze Fishing Charters ← wrightsville beach/topsail beach fishing charters/reportsMarch 25, 2011 · 11:59 am | Edit ↓ Jump to Commentswrightsville beach/topsail beach fishing charters/reports
    http://wrightsvillebeachfishingcharters.netcaptain mike 910-619-8509 The fishing has been great for the last few months.Lots of reds in the 16-32 in range and black drum from 2 -10 lbs. The rising tide on the ocean side creeks and the last of the fall on the leeward side. Some topwater action and major fly action on the higher tides.The trout are still a little gun shy but are starting to move around .Get out and enhoy this great east coast weather!!

    March 25, 2011 at 11:13am captain mike 910-619-8509 The area is frozen from the winter storm we had this week,bored out of my mind we set out to see if the reds would eat in the low temps.Schools of hundreds were running the beach and moving fast.We followed them till the set down in a small slew of of topsail beach.IT WAS ON! We took 10 big reds in some pretty tough conditions. 4in gulp shrimp got those lazy reds to jerkin.If cabin fever is on your back, it the beach and enjoy the winter reds.REMEMBER TO PRACTICE CATCH AND RELEASE!

    January 12, 2011 at 11:14am captain mike 910-619-8509 Even though the water is cold there are still lots of action along the coast.Reds are running up and down the coast in hugh numbers,24-34 inch reds are perfect for the sight fisherman staying in 3 ft or less in the clear water along the beaches between topsail and wrightsville beaches.Stormbaits are catchin most of these fish for me. On the jetties, there are hugh black drum with a few big trout still hanging out.Cut shrimp are the bait ive been throwing on them .In the river the stripers are still schooled up working there way upriver and into the creeks where the bait is stacked up!GETTIN CABIN FEVER? Give me a shout and try out some of the best winter fishing on the coast!

    January 04, 2011 at 9:09am captain mike 910-619-8509 the trout in the wrightsville beach and topsail beach areas are still bitting as well as ive seen in years,some small fish have moved in to make it hard to catch the big ones.bigger bait bigger fish,right? hint, hint! there are plenty of reds moving around the docks in the icw. thursday my son was out of school and he wanted to hit the river. water was about 58. we ended up with 12 stripers in the 10-29lb range.trolling and casting was working.bored with the salt? give it a try!

    November 12, 2010 at 10:34am captain mike 910-619-8509 Rain has moved in this week but hasn`t slowed the fishing a bit, my charters the last few days have been filled with large numbers of 5lb plus trout and reds. the tt-21 are producing the biggest fish still and the lime green swimbaits are close behind.T HE REDS HAVE MOVED INTO THERE WINTER HOMES ON THE DOCKS AND ARE HOLDING TIGHT! spend some time on your favorite docks for the next few weeks! there are still a few along the grass lines but the larger schools have locked on or moved into the surf.

    November 03, 2010 at 11:11am captain mike 910-619-8509 All around the wrightsville beach and topsail beach areas are producing large amounts of reds and trout.riches,masons and topsail inlets are full of gator trout, tt 21 and anything green seem to attract the bigger fish.bigger bait bigger fish. on monday we had 10 trout that were 58lbs.pretty strong for 72 degree water. it makes me think whats its going to be like at 65. it has the makings of being the best year in a long time for 8 lb plus fish. the reds are on the grass banks in the clear water and the docks in the muddy water. they are gettin beat up so cut bait might be the answer for numbers of fish.there are also lots of reds in the surf from topsail to masons inlet. stormbaits making long cast seem to not spook these shallow water schools. topsail beach to southport are also holding large schools of kings and cobia with plenty of bait around,live baitin is no be deal. there have been hugh schools of pogeys north of mercers pier. the time is here to fish, give me a call and lets catch some pigs!

    October 28, 2010 at 10:31am captain mike 910-619-8509 ready to catch some big ones? it prime time for the inshore and offshore fall run,trout, reds,flounder inshore have been chewin in hugh schools.trout from 2-6 lbs reds 24-34in and lots of flounder you can put in the box. topwater in the morning,jerkbaits after the sun gets up and soft plastics at high noon have been the key to catching fish allday.offshore,kings from 18 plus from inlet to inlet on live pogeys and cobia in schools from 25lbs plus around the AR reefs.

    October 18, 2010 at 8:08am captain mike 910-619-8509 where to begin? the reds between topsail and wrightsville beach have been awesome! the waterways are littered with big schools of hugh the morning ,topwater baits, such as a spittin image have produced lots of action. as the day goes on the redfish magic spinnerbaits have been the best bet..any color,any size..there chewing! the specks are also on a early morning bite in the mouths of the creeks, topwater and mirro-lures tt-21 have been workin for me. lots of flounder are in the inlets, gulp shrimp and live mullet seem to do the best job on the falling tide. offshore, the kings are slow but if you get on them, there big ones! hugh spanish and false are outside the inlets. ive been throwin #2 hopkins spoons at them and doing well. the water temps are going from 78-81 from morning to noon. im thinking the 76-78 will bring more kings up on the beach.

    September 24, 2010 at 11:05am captainmike 910-619-8509 the water has finally hit the magic number.wrightsville and topsail beach offshore has turned on big time.large schools of cobia are around the inlets to the wr4 areas,kings are everywhere! 10-15lb schooling kings and several of the hogs are in the 5 mile to the inlets on falling tide. live bait is around but the big ones are on the beach.huge schools of spanish,bonita are 3-5 mile areas tearing the greenies up..the green spoons are working good for me. inshore, reds are still strong except on the northeast winds..i ve been catching nice flounder in the creeks and decent trout 15-17 inches are in the backs of the creeks on high tide gobblin up up those little shrimp in the oyster beds. hit the water!

    May 18, 2010 at 8:51pm captainmike 910-619-8509 the inshore fishing around the topsail and wrightsville beach areas are still hot,lot and lots of red and black drum from 16-28 inches are feeding in the shallows. sights fishing is one of my favorite ways to fish.the water is real clear and the temps inshore are from 65-72 degrees. most of my larger fish are coming on the rising tide throwing a m4 jerkbait. on the lower tides a gulp shrimp or crab will do the trick as the fish dont seem to be as hungry. offshore there are bluefish in the surf, a few spanish are showing up,bonita are everywhere! i ve heard of them being caught within 10 miles but havent seen much action there myself. 18-25 mile though, there are hugh schools feeding everywhere! small spoons, jerkbaits and clown deep divers are turning them on for far as the kings go its hit or miss 28-35 mile range but as i said in my last blog the first week of may you should be on the water. summer coming and im booking up fast,grab your kids and head to the coast for some great times and great fishing! remember i have great rates on hotels on and off the beach to satisfy any budget!!

    April 28, 2010 at 10:04am captain mike 910-619-8509…4/17/10 the water temps around the area are sloooowly rising the offshore bite gets better everyday.the spanish and bonita are showing up within 10 miles of the beach,there are blues showing up in the surf witch means the kings are not far behind.we have gotten into them 28-30 miles out but the water temps nearshore are still 62-65…not warm enough yet.after looking at my logs, im thinking may 1st will be the day to king fish nearshore.on the other hand, the reds, flounder and puppy trout are still eating it up.gulp shrimp,paddle tail swimbaits are still making them come on down to the beach and catch a fish of a lifetime! i also have great rates for hotels or condos for 1 day or 2 weeks!!

    April 18, 2010 at 9:27am
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