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  • Harvested this trophy on Nov. 14, 2015 at around 9:15 am.
    It was a nice, clear morning and the hunting was phenomenal. I had a smaller buck come out at about 8:45 am, and though I was really there to do some meat hunting, my gut told me to let the little feller walk. About 10 minutes after passing up on the first deer, my buddy texted me and told me that he could see a nice buck (out of his range) headed towards me to my right.
    I was looking hard to my right hoping to see this big boy when all of a sudden over to my left, I heard a single grunt. I found myself hunting both sides of my stand and probably looked a lot like a 'Bobble Head' waiting to see which deer would come out first.
    Well, I was looking right at the time that I heard a twig snap on my left. I slowly turned my head, just to see this big boy stepping out of the brush and walking straight at me. At this time, he was probably only about 40 yards away. I ground hunt, so you can imagine that I was rather nervous that he would catch my scent. Luckily, he didn't! Instead, he quartered away slightly and walked directly in front of me only about 20 yards out.
    I took the perfect broadside shot! He didn't flinch!
    I was shooting a 30.06 bolt action, so I didn't want to attempt chambering another round and him see me and spook. I was dumbfounded. How in the heck did I miss this deer at literally 'Point-Blank' range? He stood there for just a moment, huffing and puffing, as I could see the steam coming from his nostrils. Then...he looked me dead in the face and charged right at me. In my mind, the immediate flash to my brain was 'Oh-Crap', I am about to become the next episode of 'When animals attack'!
    Well, I got lucky and he cut to my left about 8 feet from me. He ran about 20 yards behind me and stopped, turned to face me again (kind of like a mad bull). At this point, I still haven't chambered another round as I am still afraid I will spook him. My mind was working overtime trying to figure out not only how I could have missed this deer but also how I was going to get another shot off.
    All of a sudden, while standing there looking at me, the deer starts to rock back and forth - like an old wooden rocking horse - and then he just drops.
    I was kinda shocked and relieved at the same time. This is the first time in my hunting life that I shot a deer and it didn't react, at all! No jump, no fall, no run, no nothing!
    What an experience for sure and what an amazing hunt and memory for me to carry with me for the rest of my life. I often wish I could breathe life back into these deer and hunt them just once more. I love the hunt but I love the animal just the same. I hope these feelings never go away in my life.
    Thank you Mr. Deer for the memory!

    January 05, 2016 at 9:47am
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