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  • Piedmont Bass Classics..April 11th.....More Cancellations by the Corps of Engineers at Kerr Lake..Lake Changes!! we go again!! The Corps of Engineers at Kerr Lake have extended the cancellations of all tournament permits to May 16th. This is in addition to the…
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    Piedmont Bass Classics New Tentative Schedule....please read and copy.
    Hey ya'll !!!! Hope everyone is safe and sound. I know you're bored like I am!!
    I really miss seeing all of you on Saturdays. Maybe one more month and we
    can get together again for some good tournament…
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    March brings in the spring as we approach turkey season. This also brings in a time of year that I consistently take large hogs in the 300 pound range. Most of times I see mating behavior as the spring comes in and I have been able to capitalize on this time of year. Trail cameras are key to…
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    As breeding season winds down for coyotes, coyotes go back to feeding heavily. Prey sounds become great again as vocals wind down. Females are less vocal as they seek out den areas and don't want to advertise their areas. Spring means lots of young prey so change up those tactics.

    Saturday February 29th, 2020 ~ ~ Jordan Lake ~ ~ Farrington Point Wildlife Ramp

    Total Boats 84...Water Temp 44-48... Air Temps 30 to 56...Water Level 216.79...Wind 5 to 13 NW
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    This hunt took place in Stony Point, NC at Stony Point Nursery and Old Mountain Berry Patch. We were asked to hunt this property from the farmer after there were complaints about the rabbits chewing on his nursery plants and blackberry bushes. We hunted on his property three different times,…
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    If you take one coyote out of a double, return a few days later for an easy second harvest as the remaining coyote will stay in the area looking for it's lost partner. This coyote came in within seconds just three days after the harvest of it's partner. Grab those secondary harvests to…
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    Saturday February 22nd, 2020 ~ ~ Jordan Lake ~ ~ Farrington Point Wildlife Ramp

    Total Boats 49...Water Temp 48 to 51... Air Temps 21 to…
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    Go back after those coyotes you had encounters with and pull another harvest.

    Stay on hogs all year long with this bait stacking technique.

    Coyotes are coming in to estrus calls,mating and territorial fighting calls. Breeding season is in full swing

    memphis wolford catches a 7.25 pound bass from a private pond in person county he said it felt like a bull when it hit.and it put up a quite a fight

    152' buck - lucky to have the memory of being with my son when he shot his largest buck to date.

    Female calls are productive now for coyotes.

    Hog hunting popularity has increased right along with the numbers of wild hogs. The demand for hog hunting opportunities has risen right along with these numbers. A large number of hunters seek out a guide to get a taste of what they have been seeing on social media. This can lead to major…
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    One of the best times to catch hogs in the open early in the evenings is during rainstorms. Many times I have been out in a light rain with distant heat lightning and the hogs hit the fields. Check these the n

    Mailman's grandson Ethan Wisnewski aka E Money, scores on his first hog hunt. The Wisnewskis stalked in on a group of hogs and took a nice sow out of the group for Ethan's first hog harvest.

    Caught these two nice cats on nov 17th at lake James NC.

    As deer season comes to an end,seasonal hunters no longer provide bait for their feeders which drives hogs
    back to their natural food sources or the few feeders still running. If hog hunters continue baiting at this
    time they will see increased activity as feeder numbers have dropped…
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    January means mating season in the coyote fields with males and females answering the calls. Territories are being set and fought for in the coyote hunting world so challenge howls with female calls become go to calls. Female whimpers and whines are best to bring in the males looking for a…
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    AR rifles can be complicated to those new to the AR game. Many start out with budget builds before they move up to better equipment. The Mailman will show you how to make those budget builds produce numbers near the high dollar builds with just a few choice affordable upgrades. I have taken over…
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    Ten year old bags ten point

    Happy New Year Everyone!! Hope you all had a great Christmas
    and other Holiday Festivities!!! 2020 looks to be a great and exciting
    year with all the PBC Bass Tournaments and Election activities
    that everyone is so looking forward to. Hang in there, it going to
    be a hot run…
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    This isn't the biggest buck by size, but the biggest trophy by far. Hunter Daniels killed this buck in Craven County NC on Thanks Giving Morning using his Grand Daddy's rifle. He never met his Grand Daddy LD, but they do share this common bond.

    After seeing 2 nice bucks and a small spike in a field the week before after dark. I decided to go to a stand just inside the woods off that field the next week on December 21. At about 8:30AM a small spike came out into the shooting lane. He kept watching behind him so I figured there was more…
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