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  • Two year quest for George Jones

    I began hunting George Jones in 2021 after he showed up on camera on October 5th. Even though I had over 275 pictures of him I only saw him in person one time during the rut and was not able to get a shot with my bow. He then disappeared during the gun season and I thought he had been killed. However, after gun season closed he showed back up on camera until I took the cameras down in February.

    During the 2022 season George showed back up on camera in October. I was able to figure out his pattern and in November he began frequenting a place where I was positive I could get a sighting. The week before gun season I saw him twice with no shot opportunity. The second day of rifle season he came in following a doe at 4:15pm. He went down in his tracks with one shot from my Dad's 30-06 he left me after he passed away. George Jones is 10 point with a split brow, forked G-2, and trash on the base of the left side. All of that combined makes him a 15 point mountain buck!