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  • Sighting in crossbow

    So I purchased a ripper 415 and straight out of the box it was dead on at 20 yards with the field tip and factory bolts. I shot it probably 15 times. Waited a week a shot it again 3 times and it was still dead on at 20 yards. Put on a broadhead using supplied practice blade and it was 6 inches low and right. The practice blades were bent out of shape so I put in new practice blades. Made some adjustments to the scope and it moved a little closer. Made some adjustments to the scope and the next shot was closer and bent the next set on blades. So I decided to use a broadhead with actual blades. I made no changes to the scope and it shot high and left. Then it shot low and left with no adjustments to the scope. I'm looking for some suggestions. Bolt and broadhead recommendations, weight and brands.

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