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  • Winter Hog Report

    As deer season comes to an end,seasonal hunters no longer provide bait for their feeders which drives hogs
    back to their natural food sources or the few feeders still running. If hog hunters continue baiting at this
    time they will see increased activity as feeder numbers have dropped dramatically.
    Hogs will now go back to traditional areas searching for food. Agriculture and livestock fields will now see
    more damage and activity as hogs search for food. Mature oaks will be visited more to make up for the lack of
    bait. Damage is easily seen this time of year as vegetation is at a minimum.

    Hot spot- round bail dump areas where farmers feed cattle to get through the winter will soon be hog hot spots.
    If a landowner tells you of rooting near areas they drop off round bales, get there and wait for some heavy hog activity.