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  • Hunter Beltz Springfield Hunting Club SC

    17 point with approximately 22 in spread. This buck is waiting to be scored by DNR Thursday.

    I am 16 years old and have killed a lot of deer, but never got even close to a wall hanger until December 30,2019 at Springfield Hunting Club. This was only the second time I have ever hunted at this club, and wasn?t aware if the stand I got was a good stand or bad. I told my friend who was going to the next stand, ?if u want this stand you can have it, and I?ll just take the next one?. He said no go ahead! I was on my stand and heard the dogs in a distance and looked up, and saw a buck coming towards me at 60 yards out. I was as still as possible as it came in closer, and closer. I fired twice when he was 30 yards out hitting it broadside. It stumbled then pitched off. I fired another shot hitting its body again. It went down, but got up again. I then fired two more shots killing it. I finally got my wall hanger, and one that just might go in the books!