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  • DROPPED THE HAMMER - 10 Points in Chatham County

    My name is Veronica Backlund and I took this deer in Chatham County, NC.
    Had him on camera since 2017, when I first posted my 2017 buck 'Stickies McStickerson' on Carolina Sportsman in the Bag-a-Buck contest.
    Initially, the deer had a very narrow, tall rack; we let him walk and didn't really think much of him till we got him back on camera this year. He popped up in October and my husband named him MC Hammer, 'Hammer' for short. Counted 10 points and he has some really nice mass!
    He's the 2nd deer I have harvested with the muzzle loader my father-in-law gave me.
    Awesome buck! Well done!