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  • York County 10pt

    Chas Morton, Rock Hill SC

    It was a warm afternoon on Oct 27th. I had just returned from vacation around 3pm and at the last minute decided to go hunting. Since I hadn't been hunting the farm for the past week I had hoped the deer wouldn't feel pressured. I got in the stand around 5pm and within minutes I had a 4pt walk into the food plot. He stayed around for 5-10 minutes before leaving. Then around 6pm 4 does made their way into the food plot. They fed around for 5-10 minutes before making their way out of sight. It was only a few minutes after they left that I heard a grunt sound. When I looked up there was this 10 point walking up the creek bank. I knew this buck well and had been hunting him all season. I had one close encounter with him a couple of weeks before. He gave me perfect shoot and I took it with my .270. He turned and ran back across the creek from which he came and I heard him crash in the woods on the other side a few seconds later. It took some work to get him out. He probably went 125 yards from where I shot him and crossed two creeks. I finally got him across the creeks and back out of the woods. It was hard work but he was worth it. 162lbs 10pt.