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  • One-Eyed Jack

    Last year I missed this deer on October 10th & two days later on Oct. 12th. Apparently I had tightened my dial caps too tight & needless to say it moved my crosshairs bout 6 inches. (Didn’t figure this out til the 2nd miss,I thought the first was operator error 😂) That put him on high-alert & night-mode until season was over.

    Fast-forward to June when I start putting out cams & I don’t see him anywhere. Finally got a pic of him about 2 weeks ago 🙌 Well I ain’t seen much of anything the first two days of the season but the third one is usually a lucky one for me so I had to give it a shot. Went to the same stand for the third day in a row & Ole One Eyed Jack finally slipped up at 125yards.

    So bittersweet to finally get my hands on this set of horns after dreaming about them for the last 10 months lol Gonna be tough not seeing him on the trail cams anymore but I do look forward to seeing him on the wall next Spring!