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    Saturday April 27th, 2019 ~ ~ Kerr Lake ~ ~ Flemingtown Landing Wildlife Ramp

    Kerr Lake! Oh Well. Fishing was great during the week then a cold front moved in yet most all had a limit but the larger
    fish are just hard to find!! Air temps ranged from 47 to 70, lake level 303 and the winds blew from 5 to 13 pretty much all
    day with surface temps averaging 68 degrees. Our best turnout of the year, 96 boats, competed in the PBC Academy
    Sports & Outdoors $10K Spring Team Bass Trail Qualifier #5!

    Timmy Ferrell (L) & Howard Lee Bohannon managed to catch 5 bass weighing a total of 17.21 lbs. to take 1st Place
    and 1st Place TWT winning a total of $3,595 in prize money!
    Ferrell (L)..Bohannon (R)
    The 2nd Place team of Dennis Reedy and Tommy Marrow (subbing for Scott Smith) took home $1,730 prize money
    by catching 5 bass weighing 16.66 lbs. and winning the 2nd Place TWT. Scott Mooneyham & Buster Seabolt took
    3rd with 5 bass weighing 16.54 lbs. winning $703. The 1st Place Big Fish (6.36 lbs.) was caught by the team of
    Richard Cooper & Drew Johnson and along with splitting prize money with a tie for 4th, took home $1,901!!! Some
    good money was paid out today!!!

    383 bass were brought to the scales and many of those weighed in the 4 lb. range typical now for Kerr. Worms,
    topwater, chatterbaits along with jigs & spinnerbaits in the more shallow 4 to 6' of water seemed to be the lures of
    choice. You noticed I said 'Topwater'!! Lots of fish caught but size still isn't what it was years ago.

    I want to thank Academy Sports & Outdoors along with all our other sponsors and all the anglers that
    participated. Our next tournament will be the 2019 PBC Hart's Custom Sets/Cashion Fishing Rods $5K Spring
    Team Bass Trail FINAL Qualifier #5 , Saturday May 4th also at Kerr Lake out of Flemingtown Landing Wildlife
    All the information on our tournaments and dates can be found at:

    Now here are the full results:

    1st Place: Timmy Ferrell & Howard Lee Bohannon of Durham...5 bass...17.21 lbs...$1,565
    2nd Place: Dennis Reedy & Scott Smith of Siler City & Apex...5 bass...16.66 lbs...$860
    3rd Place: Scott Mooneyham & Buster Seabolt of Fayetteville & Dunn...5 bass...16.54 lbs...$703
    4th Place: Richard Cooper & Drew Johnson of Clayton...5 bass...16.45 lbs...$585 Tie
    5th Place Jerry Marshburn & Tim Parker of Sanford & New Hill...5 bass...16.45 lbs...$585 Tie
    6th Place: Tom & John Powell of Haw River & Graham...5 bass...15.84 lbs...$465
    7th Place: Bobby Houser & Randy Leonard of Raleigh & Zebulon...5 bass...15.66 lbs...$382
    8th Place: Thomas Sheffer & Ken McNeill of Cary & Raleigh...5 bass...14.83 lbs...$325
    9th Place: Bryan Welch & Mark Inman of Greensboro...5 bass...14.75 lbs...$300
    10th Place: Wally Suzba & Travis Decker of Cary & Dublin, VA...5 bass...14.31 lbs...$280
    11th Place: Mark Cooper & Steve Roberts of Collinsville, VA & Lynchburg, VA...5 bass...14.14 lbs...$260
    12th Place: Jay Garrard & Mark Herndon of Durham & Bahama...5 bass...14.04 lbs...$242
    13th Place: Clay Ausley & Todd Sumner of Fuquay Varina & Southern Pines...5 bass...13.35 lbs...$223
    14th Place: Eddy Glascock & Billy Dunn of Scottsburg, VA & South Boston, VA...5 bass...13.17 lbs...$198
    15th Place: Thanos Tsoumbos & Mike Stephenson of Oxford & Bahama...5 bass...13.09 lbs...$173
    16th Place: Scott Canady of Fayetteville...5 bass...12.89 lbs...$156
    17th Place: Jim & Trey Nichols of Chapel Hill & Snow Camp...5 bass...12.76 lbs...$135
    18th Place: Eric Massey & Jordan Costa of Raleigh & Rolesville...5 bass...12.74 lbs...$126
    19th Place Joshua & David Lanaville of Goldsboro...5 bass...12.72 lbs...$117

    1st Place Big Fish: 4th Place Tie Team Cooper & Johnson...6.36 lbs...$1,316
    2nd Place Big Fish: Steven Michaels & Eric Buchanan of Garner & Willow Springs...4.78 lbs...$564

    1st Place TWT: 1st Place Team above: 17.21 lbs...$2,030
    2nd Place TWT: 2nd Place Team above: 16.66 lbs...$870

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