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  • Looking For Place To Hunt


    I'm currently looking for a place/places to possibly hunt. I work 12 hour swing shifts so finding days off and time to schedule hunts with buddies nearby seem to rarely ever happen. I just recently moved from Stanly county just down the road into mecklenburg/mint hill. So anywhere from 30-45 even an hour drive is doable for me. I'm 23, and have just recently been able to get back into the woods 'sort of' regularly. I am not looking to score a big lease currently, just looking for a spot that I can pay as I go or lump sum for one season as my days off are speratic and i wouldn't be there every weekend of every week. I am willing to pay for the use of your land/stands or what have you. Also willing to hang my own stands if need be. I will be respectful to your property and your expectations of me as a person and hunter. If anybody has any questions or anything you think I might have left out feel free to let me know.
    I appreciate any of your guys time/knowledge.