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  • PBC CASHION FISHING RODS 'End of Year' TEAM BASS FISHING TRAIL Q#8 RESULTS  Saturday October 21st, 2017 ~ Jordan Lake


                  Saturday October 21st, 2017 ~ Jordan Lake ~ Farrington Point Wildlife Ramp

    We thought Jordan Lake was done for the year...Wrong!!!  The bass are feeding up for the winter! The weather was
    'Fallish' with air temps around 48 degrees in the am on up to 79 at the 3pm weighin. Water temps averaged about 73
    degrees. The wind was light and variable all day long. 29 team turned out to vie for the 1st place honors. Right many
    bass were weighed in today for a Fall bite. The bass looked well fed and very healthy! Lots of smaller bass were
    caught leaving Jordan looking good for the future.

    The team of Keith Deal & Anthony Miller won 1st Place, with 5 bass weighing 23.22 lbs. and also won the 1st Place
    Big Fish Award (7.33 lbs.) and the 1st Place Tournament within a Tournament (TWT) for a total of $1,862 in
    winnings. The team said most of their bass were caught on offshore humps and off bank & point dropoffs in 4 to 10'
    or more of water depth using crankbaits & Texas rigs.

    2nd Place team of Tony Woodard & Dan Glosson (subbing for Woodard's regular partner Stewart Adams) presented
    5 fish weighing 19.69 lbs. & they also won 2nd Place TWT to pocket a total of $770. 3rd place team, John Anton &
    Bryce McClenney, won $360 with 5 weighing 18.92 lbs. The 2nd Place big fish for the day weighed 6.75 lbs. and was
    caught by the 4th Place Team of Chuck Bolton & Ricky Parker bringing their total winnings for the day to $448!!

    107 fish were weighed in for a total of 295 pounds for an average of 2.78 lbs. each. Most of the fish were caught on  a
    variety of lures...Topwater, Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, Jig combos, Spinnerbaits and Crankbaits in 2 to 10' of water off
    bank & point dropoffs, main lake humps and rip rap. The Fall bite is going strong!!

    I want to thank all the anglers that participated and all our sponsors that support this trail.  Our next event is the
    Cashion Fishing Rods 'End of Year' Tournament Trail Championship on October 28th on Jordan Lake. This is not an
    open event and is for qualified teams only. Go to this web page for the info on the 'End of Year' Trail:
    Our 2018 Tournament Trails begin February 24th with the Cashion Fishing Rods Spring Team Bass Trail at Shearon
    Harris. All the information on our tournaments can be found

    Now here are the full results:

    1st Place: Keith Deal & Anthony Miller of Holly Springs...5 bass...23.22 lbs...$840
    2nd Place: Tony Woodard & Stewart Adams of Four Oaks...5 bass...19.69 lbs...$500
    3rd Place: John Anton & Bryce McClenney of Chapel Hill & Raleigh...5 bass...18.92 lbs...$360
    4th Place: Chuck Bolton & Ricky Parker of West End & Pittsboro...5 bass...16.79 lbs...$280
    5th Place: Mark Herndon & Jay Garrard of Bahama & Durham...5 bass...16.53 lbs...$220
    6th Place: Austin Woody & Zachary Smith of Burlington & Mebane...5 bass...14.50 lbs...$120

    1st Place Big Fish..1st Place Team above...7.33 lbs...$392
    2nd Place Big Fish..4th Place Team above...6.75 lbs...$168

    1st Place TWT..1st Place Team above...23.22 lbs...$630
              2nd Place TWT..2nd Place Team above...19.69 lbs...$270

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